We define a ‘Project’ as any order or contract requiring ‘Project Management’ – the application of skills, tools and techniques by a dedicated team to meet the project goals.

Bespoke design may be involved, but a project can be defined by other factors such as scale, phased production to meet a customer’s roll-out programme, multiple products or artworks, specialist fulfilment or distribution requirements – and often a combination of all these.

At Signwaves, we have the cross discipline skills within management, design, planning, commercial, procurement, manufacturing and quality control to form effective project teams who understand the importance of delivering on time and to budget.


A large rebranding project for Calor involved developing a special intranet ordering platform, utilising our in house IT and web design team.

The National Lottery

National Lottery signs are perhaps the most instantly recognisable pavement signs on our streets today.

Unilever Ice Cream/Wall's

Our relationship with Unilever spans almost 30 years

Moneygram | Innerworkings

A successful project involving 14,000 pavement signs, 15 languages...and avoiding warplanes on delivery!