Customisation is the term we use for personalising a standard product, turning it into something unique for a customer, tailored to their brand or promotion as if it had been designed just for them.


Customisation has significant advantages over a new ‘ground-up’ product design solution. In many ways it’s the best of both worlds, a service centred on flexibility and exclusivity combined with the benefits of lower cost, lower risk, proven reliability and speed to market of a packaged design.


Designing and delivering a brand new product to market is not for the faint hearted and can require deep pockets! You can read more about this within Product Design.


Unlike new product design, customisation requires little or no involvement from our D&D (design and development) team, and, other than some minimum order quantity restrictions is available to all our customers and ‘good to go’!


We find that customisation of a standard product satisfies the majority of enquiries for ‘something different’. Customers are regularly bowled over by what can be achieved, the results demonstrating time and again that this approach is less a compromise, more often the ideal solution.


Supply us with an idea of what you might be looking for, with any artwork you have or branding guidelines, and we usually have the capacity within a few days for one of our graphic designers to mock-up something unique to you. 


The approach, using a combination of print, finishing and customisable accessories, is explained using the following popular standard products.





Gallery of inspiration.

A-Master Plus in a green finish

Booster in a custom RAL colour

Costa A-Board, inspired by the Premier Chalk A-Board

Booster Pavement Sign for Carlsberg

Premier Chalk A-Board in a Traffic Red finish

Swinger 4000 with a custom colour frame and poster pocket

Tchibo Swinger 4000 with a custom cut panel
and custom colour water fill base

Swinger 4000 for EE with a custom colour frame and poster pocket

Swinger 3000 for TMobile with a custom colour frame and base

Waterbase A-Board in a custom colour finish

Swinger 2 with a custom colour frame, complimenting the customer's artwork perfectly

A surfboard shaped Ecoflex 2  for The Phat Pasty Co

Ecoflextra with a custom design incorporating attention grabbing breakout shapes

Sentinel Banner with a custom colour frame

Sentinel with a custom colour water fill base, frame and poster border

Custom Sentinel for rail company One, incorporating a custom colour frame, back panels and leaflet holders

Noscrewz flag with a custom shaped flag

Custom shaped Open/Closed Stockists Sign for Walls

Custom shaped flange sign

Custom shaped flange sign for Slush Puppie

Frameworkz snapframes - a custom finish comes as standard!

HPL Ecoflex custom shape

Ecoflex shaped panel

Ecoflex shaped panel

Open/Closed Sign with a custom cut out

Wall Board in HPL, custom shape

Custom Sentinel with coloured base and poster border

Custom flange sign

POW! sign for unmissable breakout shapes

Shaped Ecoflex