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Product Designer / Design Engineer

We are looking for a Product Designer / Design Engineer to join our growing business and strengthen the existing Design and Development team.

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What is it like to work at Signwaves?

Our team tell us about their experiences working at the UK's leading supplier of pavement signs.
Carl Millican 
Name: Carl Millican
Job Title: Account Manager 
Time at Signwaves:
13 Years

"I am an account manager currently looking after some big brands (such as Just Eat, Slush Puppie, Halfords, Costa Coffee & Starbucks to name a few!). I love it, I have a natural curiosity when it comes to how products work and how they benefit the customer, so product knowledge is high on my radar.

 I can't help but be a little proud when I see a Signwaves sign on every high street!".

Heather Baker
Name: Heather Baker
Job Title: Senior Customer Service Advisor
Time at Signwaves:
 6 Years

I started at Signwaves as the receptionist but after 9 months I was given the opportunity to move across to Trade Sales, and soon noticed our signs EVERYWHERE! I absolutely loved working in sales, and managed a zone with some of the biggest spenders (and the nicest customers – not that I’m biased.) About 3 years later Signwaves changed the way of working within the sales department, for the better, and the team was split into two, Customer Service and Sales Advisers. Even though I loved working within sales I was excited to try something different and so moved into the customer service role.

I’ve worked at Signwaves for 6 years and have enjoyed every minute and every role that I’ve worked in. Currently I manage a team of 6, and assist as best I can with any of their queries, as odd as they may be, and work closely with other departments within Signwaves to help provide the best service possible.

Lynn Ford
Name: Lynn Ford
Job Title: Human Resources Director
Time at Signwaves:
 28 Years
"I often describe the team here at Signwaves as a family. As we know, all families ‘have their moments,’ but share a common bond. We try very hard to ensure that our staff feel part of ‘the family’ and understand the valuable part they play in making Signwaves work, and in achieving shared goals and objectives.  

We don’t believe in failure – as Nelson Mandela said ‘ I don’t fail, I either win or I learn’.  So that’s what we aspire to here at Signwaves, we know that no one is perfect, but provided we pull together, support each other and learn from our mistakes, we will continue to grow stronger and improve whilst making it a great place to work along the way!"