Showcasing an event has never been easier with our large selection of outdoor Flying Banner flags & signs that are designed and tested to withstand the elements.

Signage is the first thing customers see so it is essential to have functional, effective signage which gets your message across clearly. Investing in weather resistant signage will protect your advertising message and sign from damage. This investment will result in you not having to replace the sign, proving to be a more cost-effective solution in the long run. As stated by the British Sign & Graphics Association “Companies that understand the value of good signage view it as an investment that will pay for itself many times over. They know that well designed, well placed signage will attract customers and generate profits.” Think back to any event you have attended from pavement signs to indoor Point of Sale items, the appearance of signage can have a subconscious impact on visitors. Whether you are a chain of pubs wanting to promote the latest sports games to gain footfall or you plan to buy signage for large events to promote a brand, it’s important to provide visual advertisements.

There are several purposes to promote events with signage starting with advertising as this is the first step to engaging with your customers and making them aware of an event taking place. Signage attracts customers and improves impulse purchases; the A-Master and Premier Chalk A-Board are great examples of how to advertise seasonal or annual events. These signs give the option of up to 4 different messages which can be easily changed in a matter of minutes with no tools required. For a more permanent message, Banners and Flying Banners are great for recognition and are seen at some of the largest events worldwide, including the London Marathon and Tour De France. Banners can be used for areas of up to 3m (wide) x 20m (long) and as long as regular maintenance is carried out, you can use the same marketing banners for a multitude of events before it starts showing signs of wear. This type of marketing is great for increasing brand awareness using the principle ‘The Rule of 7’ which states that “the prospective buyer should hear or see the marketing message at least seven times before they buy it from you”.

With sports having such a large following on TV, radio and events worldwide, there is so much opportunity to get your message and branding in front of thousands of viewers.

Here is a list of this years sporting events that are great to promote with signage:

30th May: Cricket World Cup, England

1st-14th July: Tennis – Wimbledon

6th-28th July: Cycling - Tour de France

12th-14th July: Formula 1 - British Grand Prix, Silverstone

The BBC have issued a full calendar of events which can be found here.

Sporting Events 2019
Whether you would like to purchase hardware only or require a full service for your indoor or outdoor events, Signwaves designs, prints and manufactures in-house at our facilities in Great Yarmouth. We will bring your brand to life, helping gain presence, promote services and attract customers.