Because the majority of consumers prefer to venture in-store to do their weekly shop (less than 10% of Brits do all their supermarket shop online) retailers cannot afford to neglect their offline marketing presence and the quality Sentinelhardware with which to present it.

Popular in the Supermarket and FMCG industry, and out of town retailing as a whole, are free-standing repositionable Forecourt Signs for displaying large format posters. Used externally with little maintenance required, large Forecourt Signs provide retailers with a consistent brand presence, rain or shine, night and day.

The Sentinel, Cyclone 2 and Sightmaster 3 large format signs are the most popular forecourt signs for displaying A1, A0, 30”x40” and 40”x60” posters in a safe, attractive and easy to use way . The largest of these portable signs stand above average head height and are large enough to provide clear long distance messaging and draw customers in with eye-catching marketing that mirrors captivating in-store offers.

Sentinel uses magnetic framed cover sheets to display and protect posters, whereas Cyclone 2 and Sightmaster 3 uses outdoor specification front opening snapframes each side. Both systems offer quick and easy poster change and good levels of poster security and weather protection. The Sentinel sign also has the option of banner display – held in place by elasticated banner ties. The back panels of each poster sign are suitable for print or vinyl application for a more permanent display solution when posters are not in use. The tough moulded bases on these products are empty for ease of transport and handling but must be water-filled during use for optimum performance and safety. Designed with in-built wheels one person can easily reposition the sign when full with the Signwaves Trolley (sold separately).

There is also a wide range of internal POS that stores can incorporate. For a low cost, high performing poster framing solution opt for Snapframes. Popular for their ease of use, stylish simplicity, speed of poster change andSecurity Snapframe amazing value for money, Snapframes are perfect for mass use around store to communicate offers, marketing messages, business hours and important customer information.

The Signwaves range of Snapframe includes standard hand opening Snapframes in popular 15, 25, 32 and 38mm wide frame profiles. There are also 3 styles of security and lockable snapframes for added security requiring a tool to open, Counterstand Snapframes with a built-in strut for angled counter or table standing, and then there is Minimus which is unique to Signwaves and is the lowest cost snapframe in the world! All Signwaves snapframes feature UV stable poster cover sheets.

Because snapframes are so popular in supermarkets so are floor standing snapframe A-boards. The Signwaves A Master in 4 stock sizes includes A2 and 20”x30” poster sizes which are ideal for in-store use, are lightweight and fold flat for storage.

For window mounted poster displays (for displaying external messages) we recommend Headliner and HeadlinerHeadlinerlite. Headliner is a self-adhesive poster pocket that maintains a semi-permanent position on the inside of the window and isn’t designed to be repositioned. Headlinerlite is secured with clear suckers to the inside of the window and so is a more temporary fixture and is easily repositionable. Custom size, shape and print are available as well as the standard stock options.

Signwaves also designs a range of displays for product presentation. Popular in the Grocery sector are Dump Bins, Product Display Racks and Case Stackers. All are make-to-order and subject to minimum order quantities so a level of customisation is available to tailor to product, market and environment.

Whether you are wishing to enhance in-store promotions or your brand presence, in-store or out, there is a quality POS display in the Signwaves range to meet your marketing needs.