SnapframeBusinesses that encompass physical premises or offices will find benefit by incorporating poster displays into their premises. Snapframes are a staple marketing tool for businesses, providing a 24/7 communication aid that can be displayed both inside and out at affordable prices. Regular uses of the snapframe include in-store promotions, internal staff communications, health and safety messaging, business opening/closing times, menus, event promotion and certificates.

Signwaves has one of the biggest ranges of Snapframes in Europe, with well over 100 various Snapframe options to choose from, and numerous colour and size options.  All are designed to provide top quality poster security at market competitive prices.

Snapframes are available with two types of corners. Typically, the mitred corner is the most popular. This offers a continuous frame all the way round and forms part of the frame opening mechanism, whereas a rounded corner frame offers safety benefits for areas with heavy footfall and offers a more subtle, softer shape.

When looking at Snapframe options, consider how much of an impact you want the frame to make or encroach on the poster messaging. Profiles (the width of the frame) vary from 15mm up to 38mm. The width is also dependant on the overall size of the Snapframe; smaller profiles are not available on some of the largest sizes. Poster display sizes vary from A6 through 40” x 60”, so the possibilities for capturing your target audience’s attention are vast.

All of the range are each supplied with anti-glare poster cover sheets, either PVC or PET, which ensure messages are always displayed to their optimum potential.

For those businesses that are looking at updating their posters on a regular basis, or require a vast amount of Wooden Snapframedisplayed promotions, then the Standard Snapframe collection is perfect. Cost effective and available in a range of finishes, colours, poster sizes and profiles as standard, there is also the option of having them made to order in your brand colour and bespoke size. The Standard Snapframe offers an internal and external solution that is easy to update the display messaging. 

For those businesses that are conscious of their Snapframes and inserted posters being tampered with, due to either high volume of traffic or being placed in unsecure areas, the Signwaves Security Snapframe will put minds at ease. This Snapframe is virtually impossible to be opened by hand, as they require an opening tool to operate, which is supplied separately This makes them a smart choice for schools, bars, pubs, nightclubs and event venues, both internally or externally.

For the ultimate security in Snapframe poster display for unmonitored areas then look no further than the Lockable Snapframe. Unlike Standard and Security Snapframes, the Lockable Snapframe has an Allen key locking system, making it near-impossible for public interference to occur. The security lies within its corners; each side opens sequentially, starting with the frame that holds the Allan Key locking tool.

We would recommend this particular poster frame for businesses that require external poster promotion in unmonitored locations, or who frequently suffer with display interference.

Counter Stand Snapframes are most commonly used in reception areas, retail outlets and showrooms, but their Counterstand Snapframesimple design and option of finishes allow virtually all business types to incorporate them in to their in-store décor. These particular displays are able to sit pretty either in portrait or landscape profile on all counters, tables and shelves, however they are easily adaptable and can be wall mounted, too.  

Cable Suspended SnapframeFor those businesses looking at a window display snapframe option, then the Cable Suspended Snapframe covers this need. This double sided poster display enables floor to ceiling advertising incorporating multiple snapframes. Cable Suspended Snapframes are superb for businesses such as estate agents, motorway service stations and travel agents, as well as a wide selection of retailers. The system is also ideal for wall mounting. To add a twist, why not consider mixing different poster frame sizes and orientation (this option is made to order only).

For the ultimate personalisation, the Signwaves patented Frameworkz is the only option. Frameworkz provides a sleek and customisable poster display that will fully complement your branding and incorporate the frame into the poster message.

This is because unlike other standard snapframes, Frameworkz Snapframes can be printed digitally with almost any design. A business can choose to just simply integrate their logo onto the frame to add ownership, or take full advantage of the space and have images that portray their brand. The latter is ideal for allowing the frame and poster to merge into one, due to the minimal distance between the two. Frameworkz is suitable for both internal and external use.