Flange SignMany businesses face the challenge of standing out from their competitors. If you blend into the background, it may well mean that your target audience is enticed into other stores and your company identity perception is weakened. Investing in range of Projecting Signs and Flags can assist in overcoming such challenges whilst providing businesses with an attractive communication display.

Signwaves offers a range of Projecting Signs and Flags that cater to various business needs. From the low cost and high impact Flange Sign, to simple wall mounted fabric signs and free standing dominating flying banners, there is something that will fit most requirements and environments.

For those businesses that are on high streets or in shopping centres and need to attract attention from a distance, the Flange Sign is perfect. Often mounted externally above head height, it allows for the business name to be visible to those looking down the road.

Exceptionally popular with the food and drink industry, retailers, beauty salons and hairdressers, the Flange Sign is available in three standard shapes but offers endless possibilities through Signwaves bespoke service. Have the panel shaped to your branding or boost the visibility with an upgrade on size.

Its exceptional longevity, due to its aircraft grade aluminium material, makes it a perfect maintenance free flag substitute designed specifically for outdoor use.

For those looking for advertising flags that attract attention through movement, but are restricted on space, thenNoscrewz Flag the wall and window mountable fabric flags fit the requirement.

The Signwaves Sucker Flag and Noscrewz Flag Kit provide a suction fit base, meaning they can be secured to smooth flat surfaces, such as glass, metal or plastic, and require not fixings. Both are designed to be used internally or externally.

The Sucker Flag offers a double sided printed teardrop flag which is pulled tight due to its carbon fibre pole, allowing it to rotate freely. This system is often seen on supermarket chillers and display cases.

The Noscrewz Flag Kit and its permanently wall mounted counterpart, the Standard Flag Kit, display flags that moves freely in the wind and can be made to various shapes and sizes. These products are popular in the ice cream sector.

Teardrop BannerFor those businesses that have the advantage of floor space internally and externally to assist in their advertising, Flying Banners give large surface areas on which to display impact messaging. Signwaves range includes three different shapes and sizes.

If you are looking for flags that flutter in the wind, giving movement to graphics, then you may want to consider a Feather Banner or Rectangular Flying Banner, both of which rotate in the wind. However a Teardrop Flying Banner can offer more durability in the wind and offers a clean, contemporary shape to catch the eye, but the rectangular shape is ideal for text, especially messages promoting sales and offers.

Flags for the Flying Banners come in two different materials, which can be printed in-house for you by Signwaves. The standard close weave flag is typically chosen for its durability and image vibrancy. Businesses tend to use this material if printing a large graphic image or elaborate design into their flag. For optimum performance, the air mesh polyester flag material is the choice - its small holes throughout allow for the wind to pass through, giving less resistance.

The pole sleeves should be considered in correlation with the flag material. Again, there are two options to choose from: wrap around and a black reinforced elasticated sleeve.  The standard wrap around allows for a larger graphic area, which could serve benefit for flags that display large graphic designs. This particular sleeve works best with the standard close weave polyester flag. The black reinforced elasticated sleeve provides additional securement to the flag, this will come in handy if displaying through severe weather conditions. Signwaves recommends using the elasticated sleeve option for a Rectangular Flying Banner. This is due to the shape of the pole, and the durability it will provide the display.

To suit all environments that a Flying Banner could be and is displayed in, Signwaves offers numerous mounting accessories. They cover everything from free standing in-store through to mounting in soft ground or sand.

Flying Banners are commonly seen in car dealership forecourts. To prevent damage to vehicles, Signwaves offers a conversion kit that allows a flag to be displayed on a larger pole to give vehicle clearance. Used in conjunction with the Wheel Base Mounting accessory, dealerships can confidently use Flying Banners without fear of damage or movement.