Signs and displays are an essential marketing tool for multi-store retailers. Whether they are located in the centre of town, the high street, a shopping mall or an out-of-town retail park, the Signwaves range caters for a wide variety of retail environments.

Cyclone 2For retailers on an out of town retail park, freestanding repositionable forecourt signs are an excellent way to create an impact and entice customers into their stores. The Sentinel, Cyclone2 and Sightmaster 3 signs are the most popular for displaying large format (A1 plus) outdoor poster messaging in a safe, attractive and easy to use way. The largest of these portable signs stand above average head height and are the perfect vehicle for displaying bold attention grabbing marketing messages on the approach to the store and at the entrance.

Sentinel uses magnetic framed cover sheets to display and protect posters, whereas Cyclone 2 and Sightmaster 3 uses outdoor specification front opening snapframes each side. Both systems offer quick and easy poster change and good levels of poster security and weather protection. The Sentinel sign also has the option of banner display – held in place by elasticated banner ties. The back panels of each poster sign are suitable for print or vinyl application for a more permanent display solution when posters are not in use. The tough moulded bases on these products are empty for ease of transport and handling but must be water-filled during use for optimum performance and safety. Designed with in-built wheels one person can easily reposition the sign when full with the Signwaves Trolley (sold separately).

A smaller outdoor solution for retailers in town centres is a pavement sign. Swinger and Ecoflex signs can be seen in large numbers up and down high streets throughout the UK. Popular for their high quality, versatile Swinger 4000 display options and value for money  they are modern versions of the traditional A-board that have been designed for optimum performance  at a lower cost. With HPL chalkboard, poster and permanent graphic panel options, and extensive customisation treatments available, Signwaves pavement signs are worthy market leaders.

For those customers who prefer the look of a traditional A-board Signwaves supplies an extensive range. Recognisable by their ‘A’ shape when in use, comprising 2 sign frames back to back and hinged at the top, there are poster and permanent panel display options available.

The Booster and A-Master Plus go beyond traditional A-Board designs, having useful permanent message header areas above their main poster advertising space. The A-Master Plus has two snapframe opening poster areas, while the Booster a steel header area suitable for direct to surface printing or self-adhesive vinyl graphics. The Booster can be fully customised in a choice of standard and special RAL colours to complement a retailers branding.

Wall mounted poster display complements any freestanding poster signage and Signwaves range of Snapframes and Slimlok Poster Cases does this perfectly indoors and out at standard sizes up to 40” x 60” and special sizes larger than this if required. For an innovative poster display solution that allows posters to be mounted higher on a wall than normal without requiring step ladders to change the poster, Hi-Sight takes large format wall mounted poster display ‘to a new level’.

HeadlinerWindows provide excellent advertising opportunity but mounting onto glass brings challenges – and for presentation reasons, sticky tape or Blu Tack to fix posters should be avoided at all costs! A number of Signwaves’ products are designed specifically for mounting to glass, inside and out, that look professional and are easy for anyone to install. Headliner and Headlinerlite poster holders, NoScrewz Display Flag, Open/Closed Signs and self-adhesive printed vinyl decals are worth consideration.

Whether floor space is at a premium or not, ceiling suspended advertising makes a lot of sense in larger stores in particular. Mounted well above head height suspended displays are guaranteed to draw attention and can be adapted toFreestanding Dumpbins display a variety of messages – directional, promotional or seasonal. Signwaves offers a number of practical suspended poster display hardware solutions including Poster Hanger, Poster Clamp and Poster Snap each tailored to slightly different display demands. There is also printed Mobiles that offer eye-catching rotation from free movement of air in the store, and then there is Free-Light Plus which utilises existing in-store lighting for illumination.

For stores choosing to run a promotion on a selected range of products, Table Top Information Displays are a
 great way to display more targeted promotional messages. For example, selected jumpers may be ‘Buy 2 for the price of 1’, a very targeted offer when compared to say ‘25% off everything in store’. Placing the table top display units directly next to the bench or rack where the jumpers are positioned will give customers a clear indication of what the offer is and avoid mixed messages, and may even encourage them to impulse buy whilst browsing for something else.

Another impulse sales driver in store that suits certain products is the Dump Bin. These can be placed at the end  of each aisle, or between departments, as well as at the checkout for smaller value items. Although dump bins may sell lower value products, every shopper at the checkout has the potential to pick something extra up. The return can then be made on selling higher quantities than other products in store.