Exterior Leaflet HolderLeaflet and Brochure Holders put your company literature in easy reach. Very few businesses can live without them. But how do you know which ones will suit your business need? In order to decide, you must ask yourself what will be displayed and where you want it to be displayed.

If your requirement is for your customers to have access to your literature 24/7, then Signwaves Exterior Leaflet Holders are ideal, as they are made from hard-wearing polystyrene with UV inhibitors for great outdoor performance. The acrylic lid features an integrated ‘Please take one’ message and is even self-closing; ideal for any business exposed to the elements (or Great British weather!). This handy product could be filled with sample menu leaflets, contact details or even promotional discounts for passing trade.

Interior Single Leaflet Holder and Multi Compartment Leaflet Holders are a highly cost effective solution. Manufactured from crystal clear injection moulded styrene, the leaflet holders are durable, easy to use and come in a wide range of stock sizes.

If your business is short on internal space then Wall Mounted Literature Dispensers are the ideal. They are especially suited to schools, offices or shops where literature needs to be accessible but tucked away. Thanks to shatter-proof PET-G dividers, these wall-mounted displays are resistant to any bumps or knocks. This makes them great performers in areas of high-traffic areas, too.

Signwaves freestanding brochure display units provide great presence and easy storage. If you are looking forSpacemaster something portable, the Spacemaster can be folded into a compact, transportable shape and is supplied with a black padded carry bag. This is ideal for displaying literature at an exhibition, presentation or conference.

For those businesses with little floor space, our Brochure Island Stands are best for achieving maximum presence. There are 4 stylish shapes to choose from, depending on your business needs. All of these offer a walk-around solution for customers who may want to interact more with a display. Assembly is also simple for any member of staff with easy base fitting and clip-fit brochure holders.

The Zig-Zag Brochure Display also offers a walk-around solution for customers. However it has a smaller footprint than the Brochure Island Stands, ideal for those areas which are a little more short of space. Its double-sided snap frame header also allows you to take brand ownership of the display and even display temporary promotions for a tactical marketing solution.