Illumination adds sophistication to a display as well as 24 hour visibility benefits and increased ‘stand-out’. This is Illuminated Decorative Totemparticularly beneficial in poorly lit areas and during gloomier months of the year.

Signwaves illuminated poster frames, illuminated noticeboards and illuminated menu displays provide cost effective day and night presentation for interchangeable posters, transparencies, notices, information and menus. A must for any business looking to attract the attention of passing trade where ambient lighting is lacking.

The illuminated displays range is perfect for businesses using temporary and changeable promotions and looking for a simple, low cost, low maintenance solution. The majority of displays use LED lighting which offers long life, is virtually maintenance free, is environmentally friendly due to low power consumption, and low voltage supply brings with it safety and installation benefits – 12 volt supply means a qualified electrician is not required for installation.

Due to size, but also due to being double-sided, the 1.7m tall Illuminated Totem and Decorative Totem use more traditional fluorescent tube lighting because of the cost to illuminate such a large area effectively using LED’s.  However, the tubes used last up to 6 times longer than the average incandescent bulb so are a sensible compromise, and weighing up the overall  up front versus life-time costs arguably offers the best method of illumination in this instance.

If you are looking for an elegant and functional internal poster display the Edgelit XT is a market leader. Available single or double sided in a variety of common poster sizes, it is perfect for window suspended and wall mounted promotions, especially within the retail sector. The Edgelit XT LED snapframe boasts a sleek and ‘extra thin’ frame profile 25mm wide and only 19mm deep, and the ‘snap-open, snap-shut’ front opening poster frame allows quick and easy poster change and good protection and security for your graphic inserts.

An alternative wall mounted design is D-Light, an attractive convex shaped lightboxD-Light with back-lit LED. D-Light uses snapframe front opening poster access on the two long sides only. This means that units can be mounted closely side-by-side in landscape format to form a high level menu backdrop, particularly popular with fast food outlets, takeaways, and cinema and leisure confectionery counters.

If you are looking for an internal floor standing lightbox with impact then look no further than the double-sided Illuminated or Decorative Totems. Both stand at over 1.7m tall so offer ‘sentry’ style prominence making them ideal for receptions, store information and guidance, product launches and high impact point of sale promotions.

The Illuminated Totem incorporates a poster size that measures just under the overall height, paired with its elegant convex design and fluorescent lighting, it has the ability to fill large spaces effortlessly and draw attention to the poster promotion on display, especially in areas that lack natural light. Used widely in showrooms, shopping malls, cinemas and casinos, and ideal for short term promotions due to the quick poster change method, it should not be discounted for longer term advertising. Using branded graphics on quality poster media can transform the Illuminated Totem into a semi-permanent instore point of sale unit.

The Decorative Totem is a variation on a theme. It performs the same function as the Illuminated Totem but the panel area is split top and bottom both sides with an illuminated poster above and a non-illuminated decorative panel below. This subtle change in appearance draws appeal from different customers such as banks and building societies, travel and estate agents, train stations and airports. The Decorative Totem will add a sense of security and prestige to your poster promotion.

Slimlok Illuminated Menu CaseFor the hospitality sector the Slimlok Menu Case is a winner.  For bars, cafés, pubs and restaurants, who are challenged with surrounding competition, often in close proximity, a high class illuminated menu display to present an enticing menu is extremely important. At home internally and externally, the Slimlok Menu Case is easy to use and install with all the benefits of internal LED down-lighting for 24 hour visibility. In four standard sizes each has a promotional header area available above the menu space for permanent branding.

The Slimlok Menu Case delivers benefits to bricks and mortar stores that are located or have entrances in naturally shaded areas such as alleyways, narrow streets and parks. Even though designed to showcase menus, it can be used to present any poster design or message desired, including ‘What’s On’ and ‘News’ boards  for Community Centres.

For floor-standing menu display, or way-finding, the Hi-Light Menu Stand with edgelit LED illumination is ideal. Hi Light Menu StandDesigned for internal use only it will direct customers and inform visitors in lobby, exhibition and reception areas, and of course is perfect for the hospitality sector. The Hi-Light Menu Stand is versatile too, not only offering landscape or portrait display in the same unit but is easy to move and reposition as required.

Freelight Plus is a ceiling hanging illuminated display with a difference. Designed to suspend below low level ceiling light fittings it ‘steals’ existing in-store lighting to illuminate interchangeable printed promotional inserts. With no power supply or light fittings of its own it makes the Freelight Plus the lowest cost lightbox on the market and in the right location delivers impressive results. Popular for convenience and smaller retail formats common uses for the Freelight Plus include help desk/pay here locators, fire exit navigation, instore mapping and sale promotion, and to encourage impulse purchases.

For products such as Freelight Plus, Edgelit XT, D-Light, Illuminated Totems and Hi-Light Menu Stand, where the graphic is illuminated from the rear, best results are achieved when posters or graphic inserts are produced using a transparent film. Thin paper works well and is the cheapest poster option but when perfect colour reproduction and stand-out illumination is desired, and cost is secondary, then Signwaves high resolution digital printing onto a polyester backlit film delivers stunning day and night time performance. This would definitely be recommended for premium retail and showroom outlets and for the promotion of luxury goods.