Hospitality and leisure venues have ample opportunity to make great use of signage and displays. Whether signs are used to give directions, for information or to promote a function or event, all can make a significant contribution to improving the customer experience.

FrameworkzSignage in hospitality can be beneficial to both internal and external customers. For example, standard silver, white or black finish Snapframes can be used to display safety notices and company policies in private staff rooms, whereas wood effect, gold or chrome finish snapframes could display special offers or promotions in guest areas with a touch more style. Exclusive to Signwaves, Frameworkz snapframes offer endless opportunities for customised finishes such as weathered timber, marble, stone, concrete – indeed any design that can be digitally printed.

Table or counter top displays, such as simple acrylic Tilt Talkers and Straight Talkers, can be used to show information on treatments or packages for spas or equipment hire rates at sports centres. Hotels with food and drink facilities may also display menus this way. Signwaves table top and floor standing Menu and Information Displays are hard wearing and easy to clean, suitable for any restaurant environment and high footfall areas. For wall mounted menu display the Slimlok Menu Case in four standard sizes from single A4 up to 4x A4  is the perfect solution. It is lockable for tamper resistance, has a customisable header area and is also available with low voltage LED illumination for external use – and doesn’t require a qualified electrician to install.

Many hotels and spas hold events and special days throughout the year, and leaflets and literature promoting such events can be displayed in clear wall mounted or counter top dispensers. Table Top Menu Displays can be used to show off upcoming events – their uses extend well beyond the obvious display of food and drinks menus. Smaller hotel events, such as business conferences, can still benefit Pole and Ropefrom signage. Roll-Up Banners are quick to erect in reception areas, and queue management systems such as Pole and Rope Barriers can be a stylish way to define different private event areas.   

Leisure centres can feel like a maze for first time visitors so for this reason wayfinding signage is a great investment to ensure a smooth customer journey. Many centres use display plinths, pillars, A-boards and wall mounted signage to achieve this.

Illuminated Signage is also a good way to display directions, with soft LED lighting for clarity throughout the day and particularly at night. As these are more likely to draw attention over other displays, important information such as class Edgelit XTcancellations or out of service facilities could be displayed within the LED frames. LED illuminated poster displays from Signwaves include the wall mounted Edgelit XT and D-Light convex lightbox, and Hi-Light freestanding information stand.

Gyms with large glass areas could benefit from one way Window Graphics to add colour, branding, advertising, privacy and solar control. The perforated self-adhesive film has a printable white side and is black on the reverse. The printed side acts as a colourful decoration and privacy screen, while the reverse maintains a clear view through the glass with the benefit of reduced glare and UV radiation coming through the glass – often used to reduce solar heat gain into a building.