Sightmaster 3Bricks and mortar stores, and particularly those with ‘forecourts’, gain significant benefit from using free-standing high visibility Forecourt Signs to promote offers and tactical marketing messages. They are popular in a variety of markets including automotive, supermarkets, petrol, motorway services, FMCG, health and fitness and out of town retail.

Forecourt Signs can be large and heavy, so design is critical. They are generally used outdoors and often in busy pedestrianised areas and in close proximity to cars, so safety and reliability are imperative. At the same time they need to be easy to move, in and out of store on a daily basis if required, and graphics must be simple and quick to update. Other than occasional extremes, they need to withstand the best and worst of the British weather year in year out.

Signwaves have been designing and manufacturing double-sided free-standing forecourt signs for nearly 30 years and set the industry benchmark for design, safety and performance. No Signwaves product comes to market without rigorous testing.     

Most popular of the Signwaves Forecourt Signs range, and probably UK market leader, is Sentinel. In poster Sentineldisplay format it is available in three stock sizes, the largest for 40” x 60” posters stands nearly 2m tall and makes for an imposing presence in front of store. Magnetic edged polycarbonate poster cover sheets are very strong and permanently fixed on the top edge with tamper-proof fixings, so loss due to bad weather or vandalism is virtually eliminated.

The Sentinel Banner option in two standard sizes is worth considering if more permanent messaging is required whilst still retaining the ability to update easily. Lower cost than Sentinel Poster it displays a bungee tensioned double-sided flexible PVC printed banner instead of shorter life paper posters. Spare banners with different seasonal messages can be rolled up and stored when not in use. Museums, public buildings and tourist attractions in particular find Sentinel Banner ideally suits their needs when a pavement sign just isn’t big enough.

Cyclone 2Equally imposing is the Cyclone 2 forecourt sign, for 40” x 60” posters only. It is for customers looking for this largest poster size who prefer a snapframe poster display method, rather than Sentinel’s magnetic system. Cyclone 2 does this in an innovative way. The pivoting wide profile snapframe poster panel not only delivers eye-catching movement when the wind blows but the unique counter-balanced design keeps the arc of movement to a minimum and the downward force from the wind movement as it travels over the face of the panel aids stability. Clever stuff!

It is for safety concern reasons that Signwaves does not offer a 40” x 60” poster option of the popular Sightmaster 3 spring mounted forecourt poster sign. The low cost Sightmaster 3 with snapframe poster panel is available in A1, A0 and 30” x 40” poster sizes and, whilst similar in appearance to many competitor offerings, includes UV stable poster cover sheets, superior springs and panel mounting brackets, and a unique base shape to optimise volume, weight and stability whilst retaining the same overall footprint.

Sentinel, Cyclone 2 and Sightmaster 3  all have moulded high density polyethylene bases with built in wheels on one side for ease of movement. These hard wearing bases are supplied empty for ease of transport and handling and require filling with water before use outdoors. Once filled the smaller sizes can be tipped to engage the wheels and then pulled or pushed into position by hand. For the larger sizes a purpose designed trolley is available to make moving in and out of store safe and easy for one person.

The final poster display option in the Signwaves forecourt sign range is Defender. It has been around in the same Defenderguise for many years, and these days wouldn’t win any design awards, but continues to offer one or two distinct features which some customers favour. Beyond simple poster snapframes each side the sign is purposefully not easy to move - heavy moulded concrete bases and no wheels make the sign a more permanent fixture whilst remaining free-standing.  This may be preferred for situations where the customer can site it and pretty much forget about it, such as roadside verges, entrances to retail parks, etc

For those looking at packing a real punch with their forecourt signage, the POW! Sign opens up new opportunities in tactical marketing beyond standard rectangular posters or banner sleeves. Available in three size ranges in customised shapes POW! is a new and exciting forecourt display option guaranteed to grab attention. Offering vibrant, larger than life images and text for high impact promotion, digitally printed panel sleeves can be updated quickly and cost effectively without touching the rest of the sign. This makes it ideal for sectors that have seasonal messaging, such as leisure and retail. POW! is offered in a combination of water-fill or concrete base options depending on customers preference.

Whatever your requirement for large outdoor displays, Signwaves forecourt sign range ‘covers all the bases’!