SentinelBricks and mortar stores that encompass a large front of store space will benefit greatly from Forecourt Displays due to their larger than life size. Popular in a variety of industries that include, but are not limited to, automotive, supermarkets, petrol, FMGC, health and multi-chain stores, Forecourt Displays are designed to withstand harsh external environments whilst still providing a high visibility, attractive display in large open areas.

Most popular of the Signwaves Forecourt Signs range is the Sentinel, which has a proven lifespan of seven plus years, a damage resistant frame and tamper proof fixings. Retailers can feel confident leaving their Sentinel outside with little maintenance required. The unit has an easy yet discreet magnetic poster change mechanism, meaning updating promotions and offers can be conducted as often as required.

For more permanent branding, the back panel is also available pre-printed, in order to ensure presence when posters are not in use. The message here could simply be opening times, your logo or even web details.

Often seen outside supermarkets and petrol forecourts, the Sentinel is easily recognisable due to its size and poster display area. Of the three sizes available, the largest measures just under 6’4” tall and allows for 40” x 60” display area.

Alternatively, why not opt for the Signwaves Sentinel Banner; which offers a spin on the traditional forecourt sign. Rather than displaying the standard poster promotion, messages can be displayed via a printed banner. Sentinel Banner fits into its surroundings perfectly by creating a feeling of freedom due to the spacing between the banner and frame, allowing for clear messaging without creating a solid looking barrier. All this makes the Sentinel Banner ideal for forecourt and larger spaces with heavy footfall, such as museums and public buildings.    

The Sentinel Totem gives an extended permanent graphic panel. For FMCG brands that sell selective products at Sentinel Totemdifferent locations and through various vendors, there is the optional sticker set that can be produced alongside these units, making it easy for stockists to select the product range applicable to them. The Sentinel Totem makes an unmissable presence on the street, be it for highlighting your businesses location, showcasing your main services and so on.

Bases on the Sentinel units come black as standard, hiding dirt and scuff marks that easily build up in highly congested or polluted areas. However why not add further branding to your range by having a customised coloured base (minimum order quantity applies). For multi-chain retailers and grocers who have a requirement for a large marketing roll out, the Sightmaster 3 offers market leading stability and performance in a cost effective manner. Historically, the Sightmaster range has proved popular for large format display, and the latest version comes with enhanced features alongside tried and tested ones, such as the snapframe poster opening. Available in three sizes and two stock colour options, the Sightmaster 3 is ideal for forecourts, site entrances, car parks and out of retail outlets.

POW!For those looking at packing a real punch with their forecourt signage, the POW! Sign opens up new opportunities in tactical marketing beyond the standard rectangular poster and banner sleeves. Available in three sizes, the largest equalling the Sentinels height, POW! is an innovative and exciting signage system guaranteed to grab passing trade attention due to its customisable shaped graphic sleeve.

It permits for vibrant, larger than life images and text for high impact promotion, while at the same time allowing communications to be changed in cost effective manner. To update, all that is required is a new sleeve; the base can be utilised over a substantial period of time. This makes it ideal for sectors that have seasonal messaging, such as leisure and retail.

Out of the Signwaves Forecourt Sign ranges the Cyclone 2 is the arguably the most stylish. Its Frameworkz frame comes white as standard, however the unique patented design means that it is available bespoke printed and is suitable for vinyl application. This creates a sense of ownership for retailers looking to push their branding and allows for frame and poster display to blend into one continuous message.

We recommend the Cyclone 2 to brands that want to stand out from the pack due to its sheer boldness and in-your-face design. This unit is designed for outside use, and easily deflects wind safely due to its cradle and pivot mechanism, therefore creating interest through movement.

Most forecourt signs are semi-permanent, and can be brought in-house during adverse weather to limit damage (many of Signwaves options can be easily transported with a purpose design trolley) but for the retailer who is looking for a permanent large format outdoor display, the Defender, our heavyweight of the Forecourt family, meets this requirement.

The Defender Sign heavy concrete base allows for the snapframe poster display to be virtually unmoveable, while offering easy message change. For added branding, the sub-frame can be utilised. 

Whatever your requirement for large outdoor displays, Signwaves range is vast and versatile.