Exhibition preparation is never easy. With so many different areas to consider, how can exhibition spaces attract the most valuable visitors? Knowing the audience, choosing the right stand accessories and displaying the most engaging promotional messages are just a few pointers towards creating a successful space. 

For businesses looking to exhibit multiple times a year it can be much more cost effective to purchase a package of equipment outright to transport from show to show. This quickly becomes cost effective compared to rental costs and can be easier to manage.

Roll-Up Banners are a staple exhibition accessory and so easy to transport whilst safely storing the spring loaded banner inside. The Rollsby from Signwaves does everything a rollup banner needs to do with the added benefit of being able to change the banner without having to buy new hardware. As a lower cost alternative to Pop-Up Displays multiple units can be used side by side to create a ‘banner wall’. Here, printed designs can be ‘spliced’ across two, three, or more banners in order to build a highly impactful display. Combining multiple Eco Roll-Up or Rollsby banners from Signwaves can create a banner wall 2.1m high x any length – an impressive use for roll-ups which isn’t immediately obvious.

An industry standard for backdrop graphics is the portable Pop-Up Display. Pop-ups are great for areas without the Curved Pop Up Displayspace for a bespoke modular stand. Easy transportation and assembly is important for stand staff, so that preparation time and energy is not consumed by stand set-up. The clever concertina frame design and use of magnetic support bars and panel connectors means Pop-ups can be assembled in a matter of minutes.

Signwaves offer Curved Pop-Ups in two sizes – the ‘3x3’ at 2.61m x 0.66m and the ‘4x3’ at 3.12m x 0.9m. The standard kit includes a pair of 150 watt spotlights and wheeled trolley case which protects all hardware and rolled up graphic panels during transit and in storage. A premium Hard Trolley Case is an optional upgrade for the Signwaves’ Curved Pop-Up. Doubling up as a counter with graphic wrap and black MDF folding table top if required it is the perfect ‘meet and greet’ and just the right height for literature, stationery, coffee - the choice is yours! Best of all, the Curved Pop-Up also breaks down to fit inside this protective rigid case for easy transportation and during use acts a secure storage unit for valuables, brochures, etc.

Company literature can have a long lasting effect on exhibition stand visitors so presenting it in a high quality brochure display stand, brochure holder or leaflet dispenser is important. Lightweight, fragile or unstable brochure displays must be avoided on busy exhibition stands!  Signwaves offers a range of freestanding brochure stands with ballasted steel bases for stability and safety including the small and large Oval Brochure Island Stands, Decorative Brochure Stands and the exhibition specific and highly portable Spacemaster brochure display.

iPad LecternExhibition stands no longer have to include a number of static displays and printed imagery. Interactive elements are becoming increasingly popular for exhibitors in order to make their company stand out. Interactive elements do not have to be complex. A simple thing any business can do to provide interactivity is to set up their website to appear on tablets around the stand. There are a number of tablet stands and lecterns available on the market to suit almost any tablet model. Signwaves  iPad Lectern can hold 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation iPads.

Away from interactivity, tried and tested printed banners can help to attract visitors to a stand. Using bright colours and minimal text will attract the most attention. Although designed for outdoor events Flying Banners work brilliantly at exhibitions to provide eye-catching high level graphics whilst taking up minimum stand space.  The Feather, Teardrop or Rectangular Flying Banner do this perfectly, each style available in three sizes up to 5 meters in height.  

The simplest questions are sometimes overlooked during exhibition preparation – why are you exhibiting, and what do you hope to achieve are the fundamental ones. Keeping the key objectives front of mind will help to ensure a successful exhibition. In the end any exhibition stand must provide a welcoming environment to attract potential customers.