Last year, we asked the team here at Signwaves what their Christmas traditions were, and discovered some fascinating facts, such as our MD’s, Mark and Lynn, always jump in the sea on Christmas morning for charity, our fabulous Sales Advisor Monika follows Polish tradition and enjoys Pasterka and plenty of vodka, and the lovely Georgia from the sales team scoffs plenty of Quality Street- for breakfast!

This year, we asked the crew for their favourite Christmas films and Christmas ads – and they didn’t disappoint;


Chelsea, Graphic Designer

“My film has to be The Grinch and the M&S ad “Mrs Claus” from last year is just fab."


Georgia, Sales Advisor

“Also The Grinch and Sainsbury’s “Christmas Truce of 1914” WW1 (2014) as it’s one of the most poignant ads I’ve ever seen."


Emma, Sales Advisor

“A third taker for The Grinch here! For me, the John Lewis “Buster the Boxer Dog” (2016) ad just takes the title; the look on the little girls face is priceless!”


Kate, Senior Marketing Executive

“I love the darkness and humour of the film Bad Santa and for me, the best Christmas ad of all time has to be Allegro’s “English for Beginners” by the Polish agency, Bardzo (2016). It’s funny, endearing and slightly naughty, with just enough heartstring pulling to make it a classic.”


David, Creative Director

“Also a big fan of Bad Santa here and believe it or not, I don’t have a favourite Christmas advert!”


Carl, Account Manager

“I do adore the film Elf, and the Coca Cola Truck adverts just spell the beginning of Christmas in our house.”


Monika, Sales Advisor

“My favourite Christmas film is The Santa Clause and like Kate, my favourite ad is Allegro’s “English for Beginners” by Bardzo (2016) as I am from Poland and the old man trying to learn to speak English is so funny!”


Heather, Senior Customer Service Advisor

“It has to be Elf for me, too and the Sainsbury’s “Christmas Truce of 1914” WW1 (2014) advert is beautiful; wrenchingly sad, but beautiful."


Leanne, Senior Marketing Exec

“It’s Elf for me as well, as it has a great message and plenty of humour, and my favourite ad has to be John Lewis’ “Bear and The Hare” (2013) which is so stunningly animated.”


Jane, Customer Service Advisor

“A Christmas Carol feat. Patrick Stewart is the most wonderful festive film, and the M&S “Believe in Magic and Sparkle” ad from 2013 is a big favourite; probably because it stars the gorgeous David Gandy in it!”


Rachel, Reception and Sales Administrator

“Love Actually always makes me feel festive and always goes down well on Christmas Eve and my favourite ad is also “Christmas Truce of 1914” WW1 (2014) – such a powerful and evocative message."


Kayleigh, Customer Service Advisor

“Not strictly a Christmas film, but we always watch Die Hard (can’t really avoid it over Christmas, it’s always on!) and John Lewis’ “Buster the Boxer Dog” from last year was a great advert.”


Michaela, Sales Manager

“My go to Christmas film has to be Home Alone and as a dog lover, John Lewis’ “Buster the Boxer Dog” (2016) wins it for me hands down!”


Simon, Designer/Project Manager

“From 1985, the film Santa Claus: The Movie and then from 1989, the original Toys R Us cartoon ad – who doesn’t remember Geoffrey?!”


Bob, Managing Director

“A Christmas Carol” from 1951 starring Alistair Sim (yes, I know I’m old!), no favourite advert I can think of- sorry!”


Lynn, HR Director

“White Christmas from 1954 starring Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye is a real favourite (you can’t beat the oldies!) and Sainsbury’s “Christmas Truce of 1914” WW1 (2014) ad has to win for me- not a dry eye in the house!”


Gemma, Lead Graphic Designer

“For me, it’s got to be Arthur Christmas and John Lewis’ advert “The Long Wait” (2011) is wonderful; you fully expect for the little boy to be waiting to receive his gifts and not give them. A wonderful, warm advert.”


Mark, CEO and Company Founder

“Love Actually I think (although I can’t recall any other Christmas film that I haven’t fallen asleep in!) and the somewhat controversial Mr Kipling ad, 'Nativity' 2007."
(Ed – a hilarious and slightly risqué ad that many will have forgotten about; check it out here)


Cheryl, Senior Business Development Manager

“Best ad…..I actually really like the new Boots ad. Even makes me wish I had a sister! Best film is ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ (Elf close second purely for the belching ‘did you hear that?’ bit)”


Roberto, Production Cell Leader

“I love a Christmas film! I’d have to say, it would be a close call between Scrooge, Home Alone or The Polar Express and although not Christmas films per se, we always watch E.T, the Wizard of Oz and Mary Poppins when they come on TV over Christmas. I don’t really have a favourite Christmas advert though – I tend to skip through the adverts!”


Our Lovely Postie

“It’s A Wonderful Life – great film, never goes out of fashion!”