It may surprise you to know that a study published in the Journal of Advertising Research discovered that print and online advertising feature the same advertising effectiveness!1 The research context was the relevance of cross-media advertising (utilising both printed and online methods), which is undoubtedly the best strategy for business success in 2023 and beyond.

Whilst the majority of business marketers are drawn to their costly digital projects like moths to a flame, we’re here to share our decades of expertise and industry knowledge to get you ahead of the competition by promoting your business with printed posters to capture the attention of your audience when they’re not glued to a phone or laptop screen!

Who can benefit from effective poster advertising?

It isn’t just business sectors such as high street retail, supermarkets, or hospitality which have harnessed the power of poster advertising for generations. Yes, businesses with branches and outlets are an obvious fit for eye-catching posters to entice customers because they expect footfall within their proximity. But really any business could benefit from strategically placed poster advertising in areas where their audience congregates. Why not feature a QR code that people can scan for a 10% discount, or to create an online account? This is a great example of utilising both digital and printed promotion methods and has proven extremely effective in recent years.

How to display posters for the best results

Once you’ve got a good idea of where you want your poster to be displayed, it’s time to consider how you want it displayed. We offer a range of options for you to choose from which means you don’t need to pick just one! Many of our customers utilise a range of poster display options for maximum impact and customer engagement. 

We have solutions that you can use for outdoor or indoor, free-standing, wall-mounted, window-mounted, suspended, and even tabletop displays! Our posters are available in standard sizes from ⅓ A4 up to 40” x 60”, printed on premium polypropylene film which produces a waterproof, tear-resistant and highly durable result.

We also supply an alternative specially coated backlit polyester poster film which looks absolutely stunning when paired with one of our illuminated solutions such as the Edgelit XT or Lockable Weatherproof Smart LEDbox. The quality truly matches the effect of a digital screen, with the latter solution being perfect for outside restaurants, cinemas and retail on dark evenings.

What do Signwaves recommend?

With so much to choose from, we know this can all sound a bit overwhelming, especially when making decisions that could make or break the success of a printed poster campaign. That’s why we always encourage people to get in touch with us so that our experienced team can guide you towards the best solution for your business, or we can point you in the direction of some helpful resources that can make these decisions as simple as possible. We're happy to chat through any, or all, of the following with you:

  • The right poster display products for your situation 
  • Artwork templates for every standard poster size we offer
  • Artwork guidelines including the optimum poster-viewing distances
  • Poster materials
  • Colour schemes
  • Fonts
  • …and anything else you’d like to discuss!

We can even ship your chosen products straight to your required location(s) with the printed posters already inserted and ready to go! This means saving your team time and hassle when the products arrive, and your new promotional posters will be on display for your customers right away.

Our most popular poster displays

With such a wide range of poster solutions, it’s extremely difficult to narrow down the favourites in the scope of just one blog. However, here is a short list of those which have proven most popular with our customers over the years:

For a free-standing solution: Swinger 2 and Sightmaster 3.

  • Fully recyclable, highly durable, double-sided poster displays for pavements and forecourts

For a wall-mounted solution: Slimlok Poster Case and Hi-Sight.

  • Shatterproof and secure polycarbonate poster covers, perfect for catching attention at eye-level

For a suspended solution: Poster Clamp, Poster Hanger and Poster Snap.

  • Three simple and cost-effective options for hanging posters from the ceiling, ideal for window displays or retail aisles.

For a countertop solution: Counterstand Snapframes.

  • Available in black, silver or wood effect, these versatile poster displays can be positioned pretty much anywhere! Great for reception desks or bars.

Don’t underestimate the promotional power of the printed poster! Whatever you want to achieve for your business’ advertising, we can help. Get in touch with us today and let us find the perfect solution for your brand: 

1 Wakolbinger, L., Denk, M., & Oberecker, K. (2009). The Effectiveness of Combining Online and Print Advertisements. Journal of Advertising Research.