"Diagram" Poster Clamp


Poster Clamp

Heavy duty gripping action for materials up to 0.5mm thick. Suitable for wall mounting posters or as a hanging display.

Select your options

  • Poster width (mm):
  • Colour:
  • Ideal for large/heavy weight posters, banners and textiles up to 500 micron thick.
  • Each set consists of a pair of two part 25mm aluminium rails.
  • Ideal for wall mounting but can be suspended for window display and is also ideal for large, heavier weight ceiling suspended banners.
  • Silver anodised finish as standard, also available in any RAL colour (minimum order quantity 100).
Poster Width (mm) Weight (kg) Availability Order Code
210 (e.g. A5 or A4) 0.26 Made to Order UPC10SN021
300 (e.g. A4 or A3) 0.29  Made to Order  UPC10SN030
420 (e.g. A3 or A2) 0.4  Made to Order  UPC10SN042
500 0.5  In Stock PC500(M)
600 (e.g. A2 or A1) 0.5  Made to Order  UPC10SN060
700 0.65  In Stock  PC700(M)
850 (e.g. A1 or A0) 0.75  Made to Order  UPC10SN085
1000 0.95  In Stock  PC1000(M)
1200 Made to Order  UPC10SN120
 Available in custom sizes made to order, minimum order quantities apply.