Impulse buying refers to a spontaneous and unplanned decision by consumers to purchase an item right before they make their primary intended purchase, and this decision is often driven by emotions. It's a common occurrence in the shopping experience and holds significant value for retailers. Data suggests that impulse purchases account for a substantial portion of all purchases, ranging from 40% to 80%.

So what can businesses do to ensure they capitalise on this enormous revenue-boosting opportunity? We’ve gathered a few simple and cost-effective tactics which will enable you to harness the power of advertising signs and displays to influence consumer behaviour and get that extra sale over the line when it matters most!

A better understanding of impulse buying

Examining the psychology behind impulse buying can offer a stronger understanding for businesses looking to capitalise on its benefits through effective indoor signage. Here are some core factors which drive impulse buying:

• Instant gratification: The quest for immediate reward or satisfaction.

• Fear of Missing Out (FOMO): Triggered by scarcity or limited-time offers.

• Promotions: Special offers, discounts, and exclusive deals entice buyers.

• Visual appeal: Eye-catching displays and enticing visuals draw shoppers' attention.

• Information and education: Signage that shares useful information, recommends additional products or simply aids in wayfinding.

Understanding these concepts provides a solid foundation for businesses aiming to craft compelling indoor advertising strategies. Let’s now delve into some practical examples to illustrate how indoor signs and displays can be utilised to tap into these psychological triggers.

The role of indoor signage

Instant gratification

Interior signage promoting a "Buy now, benefit now" offer can cater to the consumers' desire for instant gratification. For instance, a sign that says, "Buy one get one free!" encourages the immediate reward of getting a free item.

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

Displays advertising limited-time offers or flash sales can instigate a sense of urgency and scarcity. A sign reading, "Limited stock! Grab yours before it's gone!" can prompt shoppers to make a purchase to avoid missing out.


Signs showcasing special offers, discounts, or exclusive deals can lure consumers into making unplanned purchases. For example, a display saying, "Exclusive 20% off our new range!” can attract buyers looking for a good deal.

Visual appeal

Attractive displays with visually appealing graphics and colours can capture shoppers' attention. For instance, a well-designed sign displaying a beautifully presented product can entice consumers and spark their interest in making a purchase.

Information and education

Signage that provides helpful information or suggests complementary products can encourage additional purchases. For example, a wayfinding sign near the wine section that reads, "Pairs well with our selection of gourmet cheeses, located in aisle 5!" can educate consumers and guide them to make complementary purchases.

A few recommendations to get you started

Headliner & Headlinerlite

These incredibly simple poster displays, mounted on your glass doors or glass shopfront, are the best way to catch the attention of passers-by before they come through the door. Use the clear pre-applied double-sided tape or vacuum suckers (depending on your chosen option) to effortlessly promote your offers and promotions in a variety of sizes. The Headliner features the added benefit of a printable border for an additional pop of colour and a space to showcase your logo.

Edgelit XT & Best Buy LEDbox

Our CE-certified lightboxes are an excellent way to draw eyes to your in-store advertising. Their long-life energy-efficient LED lighting keeps your poster in the spotlight without overheating or compromising your environmental impact. To show that we practice what we preach, here’s a bit of “information and education” for you! The Edgelit XT and Best Buy LEDbox both pair remarkably well with our Printed Backlit Poster Films for an unbelievable digital-esque display quality.

Tilt Talkers & Counter/Table Top Chalkboards

Whilst these products look completely different from each other, they perform the same job – to instigate impulse purchases at the point of sale. We have a range of counter/table top displays to suit a variety of styles and aesthetics, so you’re sure to find one that works with your brand. These products lend themselves perfectly to “before you go, don’t forget…” promotions aimed specifically at customers already in the buying mindset. It is an incredibly powerful advertising strategy that shouldn’t be overlooked.

In conclusion

The allure of impulse buying is not just a fleeting moment of consumer behaviour, but a powerful driver of retail sales. Delving deeper into the psyche of impulse buying unravels layers of triggers that retailers can leverage. Indoor advertising signs and displays stand at the forefront of this endeavour, acting as silent salespeople nudging shoppers towards that extra purchase.

Our handpicked product recommendations can serve as your toolkit in this retail strategy. Harnessing the power of visual appeal and strategic information display, these tools are crafted to spark spontaneity and satisfy the quest for instant gratification among shoppers.

To find out more about our indoor advertising solutions, head over to the indoor products section of our website.