The popularity of Flying Banners, sometimes referred to as Event Flags, Sail Flags, Beach Flags or Feather Flags, has grown tremendously in recent years.

Whilst remaining as popular as ever with charities, organisers and supporters of outdoor events and challenges, and for use at festivals, galas, conferences and fairs, the eye-catching appeal of Flying Banners has found favour with pretty much every brand and retail marketeer with an interest in outdoor promotion and a desire to be noticed.

Proud to be at the forefront of this revolution, our high quality printed textile flags are supported on high-strength carbon composite poles and friction-free bearing spindles, on a choice of base, ground spike or bracket mount.

We have invested heavily in research, product development and testing to ensure materials, print and product performance are amongst the best available whilst offering very competitive pricing. 

Also known as Flag Banners or Beach Flags, these can be used to display your marketing messages in a multitude of locations. Read our blog to find out why Flying Banners are not just great for events!