In a busy world, every successful business needs to stand out - and signs and displays have long been one of the best ways to do so!

Here at Signwaves, we believe in taking this a step further…

We not only supply many of the UK’s most popular point-of-sale advertising signs and displays - we also enable you to customise many of them for even greater impact.

Let’s have a look at some of our adaptive products and how they can be tailored to help you stand out.

What makes signs stand out?

To understand our approach to customisable signs, it’s good to consider the science behind how signs and displays catch consumers’ attention.

As we all go about our everyday lives, there are certain things we expect to see and others which grab our attention.

For example, we typically notice the colour red before other colours because evolution has associated it with danger. We pick out human faces even if they are hidden amongst other images. An unusual shape or form in an otherwise ordinary scene can also pique our interest.

A sign – in a prominent position, with vivid artwork, an element of movement or an unusual shape – makes us stop and look. And that’s where our signs come in!

What is customisation?

Almost all signs allow you to feature your own brand and artwork.

Available in a range of sizes, your team can apply their impactful artwork to wall signs, free-standing signs and other displays, which all help grab attention.

However, here at Signwaves, we like to provide even more design freedom, so you can create signs which stand out even more than your competitors’.

Our range is full of customisable products and configuration options. Let’s take a closer look at four of our most popular:


As the name suggests, the Signwaves POW! demands attention!

A free-standing sign with a sturdy water-fillable base, it features a large polypropylene sleeve on which to display your eye-catching graphics. However, what makes it unique and stand out is that the panel can also be customised into almost any shape you require.

A coffee cup, ice-cream, person, collection of products – with panel dimensions up to 1425mm by 1667mm, the only limit is your imagination! Your graphics can be printed right to the very edge too.

The water-fillable base keeps it stable even in high wind. However, for more permanent positioning you have the choice of a concrete base or bolt to ground option.

Whichever option you choose, this larger-than-life sign makes an impact – particularly over longer distances when you want to capture both pedestrians’ and motorists’ attention.

The POW! also enables easy and cost-effective panel sleeve updates, making it perfect for when your promotion or product range changes. Plus, it features a steel frame, steel fasteners, polyethylene base, steel axle and optional bolt-to-ground frame which can all be recycled.

Swinger range

Movement catches the eye – especially when it’s something unique!

Our Swinger range has been the UK's market leading pavement sign - featuring a centre panel which is free to swing in the breeze to draw attention.

The Swinger 4000 features an aluminium panel for graphics – or a polycarbonate poster pocket. The swinging panel can also be shaped - just like our POW! - to make it more visible.

The gloss white aluminium panel allows you to adhere vinyl graphics directly, alternatively digital print allows graphics to be printed right to the very edge.

If you prefer an A1 size polycarbonate poster pocket, you can print directly onto it, allowing your artwork to blend with the easily updated poster inside.

The stylish oval steel tube frame is available in black, white or any RAL colour and a water-filled base keeps it stable with built-in wheels for ease of movement.

And, the Swinger 4000 can also feature up to 3 tactical headers…

Tactical Headers

Tactical headers are one of the innovative ways you can customise a number of our free-standing signs.

Clipping onto the top or sides of our Swinger, Sentinel®, Sightmaster 3 and Spring Sign ranges, they provide a further opportunity to grab attention and make an impact.

Featuring a rigid gloss white PVC panel on which vivid graphics can be printed - right to the very edge - they can again be almost any shape within a given size to accommodate your branding, company logo, imagery– whatever you choose.

If you prefer to make them adaptive, you can select our poster pocket option onto which you can also print to blend with the updatable artwork you place inside.  

Tactical headers are particularly ideal for short-term or dual brand promotions – providing additional advertising space at a minimal cost.


Internal and external wall signs are excellent at grabbing attention! However, with our customisable Frameworkz, we can help you go one step further.

Frameworkz is our range of front-opening aluminium snapframes which allow quick and easy poster change. They are perfect for shops, stores and leisure settings - and suitable for external use!

Unique amongst poster snap frames, the frame can be digitally printed - with almost any design.

You can customise the frame to suit your brand or promotion – and then simply update the artwork within the poster panel. The minimal distance between the frame and poster makes it easy to blend your design if required.

Frameworkz is pre-drilled for easy wall mounting and available in sizes from A3 to 40” x 60”. A choice of 500-micron PET or 750-micron gloss poster cover sheet keeps your artwork protected and limits glare.

We’re here to help you stand out

Here at Signwaves, our extensive product options give you the power to maximise the results you get from your signs and displays.

As part of our design process, we continue to look for new ways in which our extensive range can be customised to ensure your brand, products and artwork stand out.

To explore the products mentioned further, visit our Products page or contact a member of our friendly team at [email protected] to discuss our customisable options.