Tank Base

Tank Base with Spindle

Tank Base

A purpose designed water or sand fillable base, with our leading low friction bearing spindle for all flag sizes.

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  • Far superior to alternative ‘parasol’ base offerings.
  • 14 litre capacity, for water or kiln dried sand.
  • Made from high density polyethylene (HDPE).
  • Designed for easy handling even when filled, satisfying manual handling guidelines.
  • Built in carry handle.
  • Stackable design, second tank (Order Code FBSMTK) recommended for large flags outdoors. Provides up to 40kg of ballast but remains easy and safe to carry in 2 parts.
  • Screw cap for ease of filling.
 Item O/A Dimensions
(w x h x d mm)
 Weight  Order Code
 Empty Water-filled  Sand-filled
 Tank Base + Spindle  455 x 110 x 445   2.3 15  20.8 FBSMTK + TKBRG 
Tank Base Only   1.5 14.3 20 FBSMTK 
Spindle Only   100 x 132 x 100  0.8 - - TKBRG