Black Swinger Poster Pocket

Black Swinger Poster Pocket

Replacement Panel for Swinger Sign Range

Replacement Panel for Swinger Sign Range

D-flex Hanger 2000-3000-4000

D-flex Hanger 2000-3000-4000

Swinger Sign Replacement Parts

Aluminium panels, panel hangers and poster pockets for the full Swinger range.

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Swinger Aluminium Panels:

  • Rounded corners for safety.
  • Plain white. Full printing service available.

Swinger Poster Pockets:

  • Top opening poster pockets for quick and easy poster change.
  • Self-closing magnetic seals with virtually no risk of poster loss. 
  • Excellent weather resistance. 
  • Available with black or white borders as standard, printed customisation optional.

D-Flex Panel Hangers:

  • Unique patented 'shock absorbing' design optimises panel and sign life.
  • High performance self lubricating plastic eliminates corrosion and panel wear, unlike steel hangers.
  • Provides safe finger clearance between frame and panel when carrying. 
  • Push fit frame attachment for Eco Swinger/Swinger 2, Allen key required for Swinger 2000/3000/4000.

Aluminium Panels:

Size (mm) Order Code
430 x 625 (Eco Swinger) ECOPANWPAC
500 x 750 (Swinger 2 & 2000) SWI2PWPAC
588 x 917 (Swinger 3000) SWI3PWPAC
674 x 997 (Swinger 4000) SW4KALIPANPAC

Poster Pockets:

Colour Size (mm) Order Code
White Border 241 x 404 (A3 poster)
Eco Swinger
White Border 588 x 917 (20" x 30" poster)
Swinger 3000
Black Border SW3KBPSTPAC
White Border 674 x 997 (A1 poster)
Swinger 4000
Black Border SW4KBPSTPAC

Panel Hangers:

Size (mm) Order Code
21 x 60 x 42
(Eco Swinger and Swinger 2)
15 x 44 x 54
(Swinger 2000, 3000 and 4000)