Stand-Off Sign Fixings

Stand-Off Sign Fixings

Add an architectural finish to any mounted sign panel - suitable for any wall surface, smooth or uneven!

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As well as providing an attractive 'stand-off' feature for any sign panel material, these fixings will accommodate any uneven wall surface. This could include any texture or render present on brick or stone walls. 

Fixing sign panels forward from walls allows air to move freely across both the front and rear - eliminating condensation or any noticeable dirt build-up from behind. This is essential for clear sign materials (like glass or acrylic) so the message is always visible.

Our fixings have no apparent screw heads, so this concealed mounting method acts as an effective tamper deterrent.

  • Enhance the appearance of any sign panel.
  • Hold sign-panel thicknesses from 2mm to 12mm.
  • Supplied in pairs in protective polythene enclosures.
  • Screws and wall plugs are not included (since no two surfaces are ever the same, fixings should be selected to suit).
  • Use Stainless Steel stand-offs for long life in all external locations.

Screw Selection Guide
Stand-Off Pillar Size Max. Screw Head Diameter Max. Screw Thread Diameter
13mm diameter 6.6mm No. 6 (3.5mm)
25mm diameter 8.0mm No. 8 (4.2mm)
Diameter (mm)
Colour  O/A Diameter
(Dia. x stand off h/mm)
Panel Thickness
Range (mm)
Order Code Product Specification Sheet
13 Stainless Steel
Self Colour
13 x 19 2 – 10 13X19SSSC  Download
19 19 x 25 2 – 12 19X25SSSC
13 Aluminium
Satin Silver
13 x 19 2 – 10 13X19ALSS
19 19 x 25 2 – 12 19X25ALSS
13 Aluminium
Chrome Plated
13 x 19 2 – 10 13X19ALCP
19 19 x 25 2 – 12 19X25ALCP
13 Brass
Plated Gold
13 x 19 2 – 10 13X19BRPG
19 19 x 25 2 – 12 19X25BRPG