Flying BannersThe popularity of Flying Banners, sometimes referred to as Event Flags, Sail Flags, Beach Flags or Feather Flags, has grown tremendously in recent years.

Whilst remaining as popular as ever with charities, organisers and supporters of outdoor events and challenges, and for use at festivals, galas, conferences and fairs, the eye-catching appeal of Flying Banners has found favour with pretty much every brand and retail marketeer with an interest in outdoor promotion and a desire to be noticed. Flying Banners can now be seen everywhere, in large numbers on our high streets, outside car dealerships, petrol stations, out of town retail premises, tourist attractions, banks and fast food outlets to name a few.

Flying Banners work best in multiples, two or more flags in a row, with graphics based on simple bold messages and logos, and perhaps with individual flags showing different words within a message encouraging them to be viewed together or in sequence. There is something joyful and mesmerising about a line of flags dancing in unison in the breeze which brands and retailers are now capitalising on to draw attention, with a feel-good association, to their business.

Unless a company has proven that using Flying Banners every day is good for business their greatest impact can be achieved when used intermittently, selectively or spontaneously, to highlight new product launches, promotions, special offers or events. This also helps to prolong the life of the flag which by nature can only be expected to last a few months if left permanently outdoors.   

Part of a growing trend for ‘soft signage’ Flying Banners are available from Signwaves in Feather, Teardrop and Giant PoleRectangular styles each in 3 sizes standing up to 5m in height. The highest quality printed textile flags are supported on high-strength carbon fibre poles and friction free bearing spindle, on a choice of base, ground spike or bracket mounting. Signwaves has invested heavily in research, product development and testing to ensure materials, print and product performance are amongst the best available whilst offering very competitive pricing.

The flags, or banners, are produced in close-weave knitted polyester fabric which has been carefully selected for its durability and double-sided image vibrancy, remembering that double-sided in this instance means mirror image on the reverse. There is a choice of standard 115gsm fabric or a 135gsm ‘airmesh’ for optimum performance in windier situations, the small holes in the fabric allowing more air to travel through the flag reducing wind resistance and improving the life of the flag. Both have a ‘wrap-around’ printed pole sleeve as standard which provides maximum possible printed display area, or, for increased strength and durability there is a reinforced elasticated black sleeve option which we would recommend for flags in exposed or unattended locations, such as roadside and 24/7 retail sites.

Base and mounting options from Signwaves are extensive to suit all situations and importantly they are designed for purpose. Unlike many suppliers Signwaves water or sand filled Tank Base is not a recycled parasol base with poorly fitting connection for the pole, and all base options use the same engineered grip-fit bearing spindle rotator for perfect flag alignment in the lightest of winds. There is a Ground Spike for soft ground, sand or snow. There is the Tank Base for hard ground siting designed with the option to stack a second base for added weight whilst retaining ease of portability, or for more permanent siting there is the option of a 67kg Concrete Base.  In addition there are spindle Brackets with flat or angled bolting plates for mounting to floors, parapet or vertical walls and last but not least the universal Wheel Base for positioning under a vehicle wheel.

Hardware will last for years but flags will need replacing regularly if used constantly outdoors and in all weathers. Textile printing inks cannot be guaranteed against UV fading for more than 6 months and constant flapping in the wind can cause damage to the flag in a matter of weeks if not looked after. We recommend Flying Banners shouldn’t be used in winds in excess of 20-25mph (Beaufort 6).

Choice of flag style can make a difference. If a fluttering flag is less important than lifespan and your graphics are suitable for the shape then go for the Teardrop Flying Banner. Increased tension across the whole surface of the flag reduces flapping and stress to the fabric.

For huge attention grabbing potential Signwaves also offers Giant Pole. Standing at nearly 5.5m tall with a 4.8sqm rectangular flag it certainly packs a promotional punch! A more substantial product altogether than a Flying Banner with telescopic aluminium pole and 2-part water-fillable base weighing 70kgs when full, Giant Pole commands long distance attention. It is also the only product where a proper double-sided flag option is available. Because it can cope with the added weight of our 3-layer flag production method a different design is possible each side of a sandwiched light block fabric inbetween. Due to the extra weight double-sided flags do not flutter in the wind in the same way as standard flags.

Whilst Flying Banners and Giant Pole are designed for outdoor use, they are commonly seen indoors at exhibitions, in shopping malls, leisure complexes and arenas.