X Banner

Automotive advertising signage will differ between garages and dealerships. Outdoor displays are likely to be similar but dealerships usually have extensive showrooms to think about – displaying interactive elements, showcasing a new car model and displaying brochures in a way that is in harmony with a stylish environment.  

With eye-catching wind movement and large vibrant display area Flying Banners are difficult for customers to ignore. There are three shapes available from Signwaves - Teardrop, Feather and Rectangular, each available in small, medium and large sizes. There’s nothing to stop the product in any size being used indoors too. Signwaves offers folding Wheel Bases for Flying Banners which the vehicle can be driven onto for maximum security or fitted around the wheel while stationary. Specially designed for car dealerships our Conversion Kits allow smaller banners to be used on larger poles, allowing the bottom of the flag to clear the car.

Tyre and automotive parts brands can use Dealer/Stockist signs to create awareness of their products at both