EcoFlex is our market leading high performance, low cost Ecoflex signs are ideal for pavement, roadside and forecourt promotions. The Ecoflex range has been tested to stormforce 10 on the Beaufort scale - and copes admirably. See the Ecoflex being tested at winds of over 100km/ph in the ACE High Speed Wind Tunnel at The University of Ontario.

The Ecoflex is available in a range of sizes and panel options. There are three standard sizes to choose from for permanent printed graphics - Ecoflexlite, Ecoflex 2 and Ecoflextra. All use our aircraft grade flexible aluminium panel for optimum wind stability.

There are also chalkboard variants of the two larger sizes – Ecoflex 2 HPL and Ecoflextra HPL, using Signwaves' hard wearing 3mm thick High Pressure Laminate chalkboard panel. They perform very well outdoors but are not as wind stable as the aluminium panel versions. All can have custom shaped panels for added stand out, subject to a minimum order quantity of 25.

For ‘larger than life’ display we also offer Totem variants of Ecoflex 2 and Ecoflextra, with rigid 3mm ACM panels up to 1.5m tall. Due to size they are recommended for indoor and sheltered outdoor use only.

Create truly unique and eye-catching designs with custom shaped aluminium panels, brought to life with our vibrant screen and digital print.

Patent Number EP: 2499509 

EU Design Registration Number: 002175570