Eco Roll-Up Banner

Eco Roll-Up Banner

Low cost, spring loaded 'roll up' for single-sided banners.

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  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Soft round corners - no sharp edges.
  • Available in 800mm and 850mm wide banners.
  • Self-adhesive strips at top and bottom for easy banner installation.
  • Silver anodised aluminium case, top rail, pole and folding feet.
  • Complete with black padded carry case and full instructions.
  • Available with digitally printed ‘standard’ 220 micron (0.22mm) rigid PVC or ‘premium’ 165 micron* (0.165mm) polyester film banners.
  • Hardware refined for the best flat & vertical banner presentation.

Banner materials for roll-up banners

We can offer two banner material options:

  • Rigid PVC is our 'standard' offer - it's the lowest price of the two and provides a flat, stable, matt white finish suitable for lamination.
  • Polyester film is our 'premium' offer - it's very strong, stays perfectly flat and includes a grey back finish to ensure high opacity. It also has a stable matt white finish suitable for lamination and is widely recyclable.
If producing the banners yourself, we recommend smooth surface, lightweight rigid roll materials for Eco Roll-Up Banners, such as 125 micron grey backed polyester or 220 micron matt opaque PVC. Flexible, reinforced PVC banner materials have a textured surface and/or incorporate polymers which can react with adhesive tape so should be avoided. Do not use materials more than 300 micron thick.

*800mm Premium Banners whilst stocks last.
Banner Size (mm) Display Size (mm) O/A Dimensions
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Product Specification Sheet
800 x 2000 800 x 1985 820 x 2050 x 365 3 ERB800(1) ERB800(6)  Download
850 x 2000 850 x 1985 870 x 2050 x 365 3.1 ERB850(1) ERB860(6)

Please note: The Eco Roll-Up Banner is designed and built to a market leading price and the savings derived from the use of lightweight materials and high speed assembly methods to achieve this can result in minor marks or irregularities in the product finish.