There is one crucial aspect of event planning that is often overlooked but can make or break its success. How can you ensure that attendees are effortlessly guided through an event, engaged at every turn, and leave with unforgettable memories? The answer lies in strategic and eye-catching event signage.

From welcoming guests upon arrival to pointing them towards key attractions, outdoor event signage is an indispensable tool for boosting attendance and creating an immersive experience. Whether you're organising a music festival, charity run, food fair, or any other outdoor gathering, we can help you captivate your audience and ensure your event stands out from the crowd.

The impact of first impressions

Welcoming and well-designed entrance signage can create a sense of anticipation and excitement, setting the stage for what's to come. Visually appealing and professionally crafted entrance signage not only informs attendees that they've arrived at the right place but also communicates the personality and theme of your event.

Think about incorporating your event's branding elements into the entrance signage. From the logo and colour scheme to catchy slogans, make sure your brand identity shines through. Consistency in design strengthens brand recall and helps attendees associate the event with a positive experience.

The key to creating a positive and lasting first impression lies in striking a balance between creativity and clarity. While it is essential to be innovative and capture attention, avoid overwhelming attendees with excessive information or overly intricate designs. Keep it simple, memorable, and aligned with the overall event theme.

Consider the surroundings and context in which your entrance signage will be placed. If your event is in a natural outdoor setting, opt for signage that blends harmoniously with the environment. On the other hand, for urban events, you can play with modern and bold designs that contrast against the cityscape.

In our opinion, nothing creates a striking first impression like our patented POW! forecourt sign, with its high-impact presence, breakout shapes and borderless design. Additionally, if you want guests to know they’re in the right place from a distance, how about our 5.4m tall Giant Pole telescopic flag? It can be printed single or double-sided, meaning you can take full advantage of enormous promotional space whichever way the wind blows! 

Navigating the event: directional signs for events

Once attendees have been captivated by your impressive entrance signage, the next step is to ensure they can effortlessly navigate their way through the event. This is where wayfinding signage comes into play - the unsung hero of outdoor events that ensures guests feel guided, informed, and at ease as they explore all the attractions your event has to offer.

Think of wayfinding signage as a friendly and knowledgeable event concierge. Its primary purpose is to provide clear and concise directions, helping attendees find essential points of interest, facilities, stages, vendors, and more. Whether your event spans a large festival ground or a compact outdoor venue, effective wayfinding signage can prevent confusion and create a positive experience for everyone.

Beyond practicality, wayfinding signage can also elevate the aesthetics of your event space. Embrace the opportunity to infuse creativity and design flair into the signs, making them visually appealing while serving their functional purpose.

While creativity is essential, the key to successful wayfinding signage lies in clarity and legibility. The information conveyed should be easily digestible at a glance, ensuring attendees can quickly orient themselves and find their way without feeling overwhelmed.

There are a lot of products which could effectively perform the wayfinding task; but we like to keep things simple with 2 fully recyclable options: the Ecoflexlite with its highly durable aircraft-grade aluminium panel, and the Waterbase Pyramid which raises its message perfectly into view.

Capturing attention: informational signage

While the entrance signage sets the tone and wayfinding signage ensures smooth navigation, it's the informational signage that adds depth and meaning to the attendee experience. Informational signage plays a vital role in conveying essential event details, enriching guests' understanding, and highlighting the unique offerings of your outdoor event.

It's crucial to keep your attendees informed and engaged throughout their journey. Informational signage acts as the voice of your event, communicating everything from event schedules and activity descriptions to safety guidelines and important announcements. By providing attendees with clear and relevant information, you empower them to make the most of their time at your event, enhancing their overall satisfaction.

Consider the different types of information your event requires. Are there workshops, performances, or special guests that need highlighting? Will you be serving food and beverages? Are there any specific rules or regulations attendees should be aware of? Informational signage is the ideal platform to answer these questions and ensure your event runs smoothly.

While informative, these signs should also be eye-catching, capturing attendees' attention amid the hustle and bustle of your outdoor event. Creativity is key here - find innovative ways to present information that aligns with your event's theme and ambience. Whether it's through striking visuals, engaging illustrations, or clever use of Chalk Pen calligraphy, the design of your informational signage should be as compelling as the content it conveys.

In this digital age, why not leverage technology to enhance engagement with your informational signage? QR codes are a fantastic tool to connect your physical signs with digital content. By scanning a QR code with their smartphones, attendees can access additional event details, exclusive offers, or even a chance to participate in a contest or giveaway.

Once again, pretty much any form of outdoor signage could be used for informational purposes depending on the scale or style of your event. One product that suits any venue is our PVC Banner – available in any size up to 20m x 3m with a range of material variants to choose from. Perfect for large-format outdoor promotion!

Leveraging sponsorship signage opportunities

Outdoor events present an excellent platform not only to showcase your event's offerings but also to forge mutually beneficial partnerships with business sponsors. Signage plays a crucial role in creating brand visibility and recognition for sponsors, offering them a unique opportunity to connect with your event's audience.

Effective sponsorship is a win-win scenario, where both the event organiser and sponsors benefit from the collaboration. When approaching potential sponsors, emphasise the exposure and engagement they can expect through targeted signage placements. Highlight the demographics and interests of your event attendees to demonstrate how they align with the sponsor's target audience.

Consider offering different sponsorship packages with varying levels of signage exposure. This could range from prime locations near the main stage or entrance to signage at specific attractions or activity areas. Tailor these packages to suit the budget and marketing objectives of potential sponsors.

In our experience, Flying Banners are undoubtedly one of the most popular ways to promote event sponsorships. Available in Feather, Teardrop and Rectangle shapes and heights ranging from 2.1m to 4.9m, you’re sure to find the perfect eye-catching solution for your sponsorship partners.

Final word…

As you embark on your outdoor event planning journey, remember that the right blend of creativity, clarity, and innovation can transform your event into an awe-inspiring spectacle. Whether you need festival signs, sports event signage or advertising signs for a food fair, harness the potential of impactful signage to boost attendance, elevate engagement, and create cherished memories.

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