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Call us: 01493 419300

Signwaves Revolutionise Graphic Display
Signwaves has today announced the launch of Frameworkz digitally printed snapframes. Unlike anything else on the market, the entire frame surface can be printed with almost any design you choose. From corporate logos, text and symbols to textures, landscapes and art, the creative opportunities for advertisers are truly endless.
Using specially designed and manufactured flat profile ‘snapframes’, printed using Signwaves tailored digital process, this exciting development is unlike anything the market has ever seen. Any printable design can be applied to the frame, to create unique designs that work with the surroundings and poster, dramatically enhancing their visual impact and aesthetic appeal.
Depending on the intended use, a design can be chosen that blends with its setting, such as brick work, wall paper or tiles. Alternatively, the frame could form part of the poster image, as shown by the butterfly image pictured here, or serve as an advertising medium in its own right - separate from both setting and poster - by featuring a promotional message, slogan, company name or contact information.
There is also the potential to build brand presence through the use of corporate imagery or logos, and improve security by disguising the snapframe functionality whilst preventing other advertisers using the space.
Whatever the chosen design, the scope for creating impactful, impressive displays sets Frameworkz apart from anything else currently available, as Signwaves’ Product Design Manager Simon Harvey, inventor of Frameworkz, explains:

“Having long been frustrated by the lack of choice available with decorative frames, the challenge was to find a more versatile, creative solution that delivers high quality but is also cost effective to produce in small quantities. Digital print achieves this by eliminating set-up times and artwork costs. And by maintaining a minimal and constant distance between the printer head and frame surface, high definition graphics can be applied directly with unparalleled accuracy.”

Simon continues: “We believe this to be a first for the industry, both in terms of the process and the opportunities it offers to advertisers. We’ve experimented with a range of ideas, such as the designs you see here, but the ability to print anything leads us to believe that we’ve only scratched the surface of what Frameworkz can achieve.”

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