Slimlok NoticeboardWhether you are seeking signage for in-store navigation, external menu display or to showcase your latest offering, Signwaves’ collection of Non-Illuminated Poster Frames and Noticeboards are a perfect tool to incorporate into your store or office.

The Slimlok range offers lockable display solutions for singular or multiple menu, poster and notice displays. Units are available in a range of sizes with the option of seven stock colours, or made to order in your brand colours. The lockable case means your displays are protected from tampering.

The Slimlok Poster Case is recommended for retailers, leisure and entertainment businesses needing a single or large poster display, both internally and externally. Sizes range from A4 to 40” x 60” (although the latter is not ideal for external use).

Signwaves Slimlok Noticeboard is typically seen in schools, offices, village and town halls and businesses that cater for community adverts (such as post offices, convenience stores and charity shops). It allows for a combination of displays but also offers a magnetic, dry wipe back panel that can be used for branding in-between poster presentations.

A similar product but with an added advertising area on the front, is the Slimlok Menu Case. Self-adhesive or direct to surface print can be applied to the outer cover to allow for 24/7 branding and promotion.
This unit is Slimlok Menu Caseprimarily seen front of house in restaurants, bars and businesses that provide leisure and hospitality offerings.
It can easily be used in-store also, in areas that are less secure.

Signwaves also provide a Felt Showboard option, which offers a felt back panel, ideal for pushpins and Velcro application of posters and notices. This product is suitable for internal use.

For big impact poster displays there is no better option than the Hi-Sight Poster Case. Frequently used outside due to its hard wearing aluminium frame and polycarbonate poster panels, the Hi-Sight is great for promotions, sales and offers. The unique pull down poster panels permit for above head height advertising and allow for easy poster change out.
The poster cover security fixings prevent any unwanted interference during unmonitored hours.

For perfect internal window display, the Headliner gives brands the power to have a simple yet effective 24/7 prime positioning presence. This is achieved through the border being either screen or digitally printed with a brands very own messaging. Commonly seen in corner/convenience stores, post offices, newsagents and supermarkets, it is designed for the inserted advertisement to be changed quickly and frequently.

A more simple and cost effective poster display is the Headlinerlite, sporting a thinner frame than the Headliner and windows suckers for easy positioning. The Headlinerlite offers single of double sided display; ideal for on street and in store display. Printed borders to the Headlinerlite are available (subject to minimum order) giving true branding to your promotions.

Poster HangerFurther internal options include the Poster Hanger, Poster Clamp and Poster Snap, each catering for differing materials and thicknesses. All offer posters to be either suspended from the ceiling or wall mounted. The former gives the option of messaging being displayed above certain product or above aisle areas in-store. All are available in silver anodised as standard, but to add ownership they can also be produced in an RAL colour to match branding.

The smallest sign holder within the Non-Illuminated collection is the Sign Nav. Frequently used to distinguish offices and meeting rooms, or as a navigation tool for public houses, leisure centres, hotels and receptions. It is the simplicity of the Sign Nav that makes it so popular - not only are messages easy to create and update in-house, but the features and fixtures also make the unit simple to mount. The Sign Nav is available in five sizes to meet your need as standard, but bespoke sizes are also available upon request, subject to minimum order levels.

Last in the collection is the Info Board and Poster Pillar. Both are designed for large scale double and single sided poster promotion, often in communal and large floor areas.  Both feature anti-glare high quality PET poster cover sheets, which provide a protective cover over your artwork and stay truly transparent, unlike inferior grade poster covers, which can deteriorate, becoming brittle and yellowing over time. The Info Board is an A1 sized poster display with the option of adding acrylic brochure shelves for incorporating literature and brochures. Its sturdy yet stylish aluminium frame allows it to be left in unmonitored areas or busy environments.

The Poster Pillar comes with either single or double tiered display areas, with the option to add dry wipe inserts for tactical temporary messaging. Signwaves recommend the Poster Pillar for internal use such as entrances, shop floors, malls and receptions.