Whether you are seeking signage for in-store navigation, external menu display or to showcase your latest offering, Slimlok Poster CaseSignwaves’ collection of Non-Illuminated Poster Frames and Noticeboards are a perfect tool to incorporate into your retail space or office environment.

The Slimlok wall mounted range offers lockable display solutions for tamperproof single or multi menu, poster and notice presentation indoors or out. The durable aluminium frames with hinged door construction and super-strong polycarbonate glazing are best in class and available in a range of sizes in silver or black with the option of seven other ‘express make to order’ stock powder coated finishes. Alternatively, customer corporate colours can be matched and made to order on a longer lead time.

The Slimlok Poster Case is popular with retail, leisure and entertainment sectors in particular for displaying single, generally larger format, promotional posters. The largest stock poster size at 40” x 60” is perfect for external out of town retail premises, forecourts and motorway services to attract attention from afar.

Signwaves Slimlok Noticeboard and Slimlok Menu Case are based on the same high quality framing design but Slimlok Noticeboard have a steel back panel instead of polypropylene. Supplied with a set of magnetic ‘pins’ for displaying paper notices and menus the gloss white surface doubles up as an excellent dry-wipe writing surface for the occasional hand written message.

The Slimlok Noticeboard is typically seen in schools, offices, village and town halls and businesses that cater for community adverts, such as post offices, convenience stores and charity shops, and is available in four stock sizes from 4x A4 up to 12x A4.  Slimlok Menu Case is based around smaller display configurations to suit menu display in the hospitality sector in particular, and the single A4 up to 4x A4 display is complete with a permanent branding area above.

For internal use only Signwaves also offers the Felt Showboard. The felt covered cork back panels are available in blue, grey, red or green in four standard sizes and with the pins supplied provide a more traditional wall mounted noticeboard solution popular in schools, colleges and municipal establishments.

Hi-SightA Signwaves innovation and designed with out of town retailer needs in mind, the Hi-Sight large format poster frame allows posters to be mounted at a higher level on the wall without the need for staff to use ladders to change the poster. For health and safety reasons standard poster frames are mounted low enough to change whilst standing on the ground but this inevitably means the poster is not high enough to be seen above parked cars. Hi-Sight incorporates a unique pull-down poster cartridge that deals with this problem, putting poster advertising clearly in view without putting safety of staff at risk.

Windows offer prime advertising space for posters and Signwaves Headliner and Headlinerlite do this perfectly. For mounting to the inside of the window to display single or double sided posters Headliner is a more permanent self-adhesive mounted solution whilst Headlinerlite uses repositionable clear suckers. Headliner is a custom branded make to order product and Headlinerlite, whilst custom branding is available, is a clear unbranded offer as standard in three stock sizes. The latter in particular offers a very professional low cost window poster display solution popular with supermarkets, convenience and out of town retail.    

Other internal poster display options include Poster Hanger, Poster Snap and Poster Clamp. All three are basedPoster Hanger on aluminium top and bottom rails to support a poster or banner – not a frame. Poster Hanger and Poster Snap are  for displaying lighter weight posters with Poster Hanger being the recommended solution for ceiling suspending and perfect for shop window displays. The single sided nature of the Poster Snap profiles makes it more suited to wall mounted display, and the heavy duty gripping action of Poster Clamp would be the choice for larger ceiling suspended banners within the store. All are silver anodised finish as standard, but can be brand or corporate colour matched to order.

Sign Nav, as the name suggests, is a versatile way-finding display solution for walls and doors in offices and public buildings. Unlike most signage systems of its type Sign Nav gives the customer complete control over name or information updates because the graphic inserts for the five standard size signs can be produced in paper on any A4 desktop printer. It is the simplicity of the Sign Nav that makes it so popular - not only Info Boardare messages easy to create and update in-house, but the self-adhesive backing makes each unit simple to mount to any clean smooth surface.

Floor standing solutions for indoor use are covered nicely with the Info Board and Poster Pillar.

Info Board is a double sided A1 poster stand with the option to add a brochure shelf below. Based on an aluminium snapframe and flat-sided oval tubular stand the no nonsense design is well suited to shopping malls, airports, stations, public arenas and exhibition venues.

Poster Pillar is a good example of a product where ‘form follows function’. The design of this floor stand does nothing more than do what’s necessary to display a double sided poster efficiently and effectively. Standing up to 2m tall and in single or double tier formats these silver or black finish aluminium displays are easy to assemble, quick to update and light enough for one person to move around the store with ease. Signwaves recommends the Poster Pillar for store entrances, shop floors, landings, malls and reception areas.