It’s no secret that effective point of sale signage has a dramatic impact on impulse ice cream sales, and Signwaves has the products and specialist printing expertise that deliver results.

POW! Sign for BIG impact!Although ice cream is now a year round treat, peak sales will always be when the sun is out during the height of the holiday season. So an important consideration for outdoor point of sale is UV stability – the ability for materials, finishes and print to remain unchanged when exposed to the harsh effects of the suns radiation.  

When using snapframes, pavement and forecourt signs, or any other outdoor poster displays, it is essential the clear cover sheet remains clear so that a customer’s poster advertising remains vibrant and the colours as intended. This will only happen if the cover sheet material has been chemically treated with a UV inhibitor, if not the cover sheets quickly turn yellow or brown, become brittle and crack and seriously compromises the advertising displayed underneath. Signwaves cover sheets are all UV stabilised and tested to provide a minimum 2 year resistance in temperate climates without noticeable change in colour. All materials, coatings and printing inks destined for outdoors face rigorous testing and approval before they go anywhere near a Signwaves product.

The Pavement Sign is a firm favourite for ice-cream brands and retailers alike. The Ecoflex in particular enjoys a large share of the market because of the combination of high wind performance for seaside locations and the ability to shape panels to enhance branding and capture attention, all at a very attractive price point.

Café Barriers can work well for ice cream brands and Signwaves’ Adfresco Café Barriers do it very well. Adfresco Cafe BarriersCorrosion resistant materials and finishes and wind resistant design features make standard Adfresco well suited to the salt and wind around Britain’s coastlines – combined with a choice of hard wearing banner materials. New Forest Ice Cream and Walls Carte D’Or make excellent use of the Adfresco café barrier system to gain presence in the competitive impulse ice cream sector.

Projecting Signs and Flags are popular across the food and drink industry. Flying Banners, wall mounted Display Flags and aluminium Flange Signs can work particularly well for ice cream brands when placed at seafront locations, convenience stores and supermarkets. Lightweight flag and banner materials make it easy to attract attention through movement – providing maximum impact at minimum cost. A range of wall mounted, glass mounted and freestanding soft signage is available at Signwaves to suit any ice cream sales environment.   

Ice Cream HoldersFor the ice cream vendor menu holders and acrylic ice cream holders can be used to promote different flavours and offers. With melting ice cream around it is important for these displays to be hygienic and easy to clean. Equally, menu holders need to be resistant to knocks and falls and not a hazard in an environment that attracts excited young children. Choosing mechanically strong menu holder materials such as PET or high impact polystyrene (HIPS) reduces the risk of a cracked or broken display considerably. Signwaves’ custom ice cream holders manufactured in aluminium not only offer an alternative look but are 100% shatterproof.

Further brand presence in independent or supermarket outlets can be achieved using our Printed Displays. Some of the most popular items for the ice cream industry are Open/Closed Signs, Counter Mats and Feature Floor Mats. These simple products not only attract attention but provide real practical value for the retailer too.