Like most food and drink establishments, coffee shops and cafés depend heavily on point of sale to communicate their seasonal menus, core messages and influence customers in store. POS is a low cost 24/7 marketing tool, requiring little or no maintenance.

Eco SwingerA key coffee outlet display is the Pavement Sign or A-Board. Generally used outside the shop front Signwaves Pavement Signs and A-boards are weather resistant, easy to move in and out of store, hard wearing and a powerful promotional aid – for both the brand and retailer. There is a wide range of permanently branded or interchangeable poster options depending on marketing objectives.

Businesses seeking a bit of ‘theatre’ or ‘interactivity’ should opt for the Swinger Collection. Available in a number of sizes, with the option of poster pockets or printed panels, as the name suggests the Swinger panel will ‘swing’ in the wind which both improves stability and ultimately attracts attention. From the smallest Eco Swinger, to the largest Swinger 4000 with in-built wheels for ease of movement, all benefit from the patented no-tools or fixings assembly method, optional clip-on Tactical Header and excellent all-round performance. The Tactical Header is regularly used to push seasonal campaigns, but in its simplest form can be used as an additional branding space.

A lower cost pavement sign solution very popular within the coffee sector is Ecoflex. The Ecoflex family offers a Ecoflex range of sizes, all manufactured with a special ‘aircraft’ grade aluminium panel and recycled PVC base. Without a frame to detract from the message panel Ecoflex provides a no-nonsense portable shop-front sign that delivers results. For temporary messaging opt for Ecoflex 2 or Ecoflextra with HPL blackboard panels. Suitable for traditional chalk or liquid Chalk Pens the 3mm thick panels can also be permanently branded.

Because of their traditional appeal A-boards remain popular within the coffee sector and, like Swinger and Ecoflex, offer both permanently printed and poster display options.  For a cost-effective display, opt for the Budget A-Board. Although an ‘entry level’ option, the Budget A-Board in plain white or chalkboard finish provides double side promotion and is pre-assembled straight from the box.
Chalkboards, particularly chalk A-boards, are traditionally linked to the Coffee Industry. Catching up for a coffee or grabbing a coffee tends to be both personal and impulsive, a culture which brands can capitalise on with effective messaging tools. Fun or motivational quotes and simple drawings are increasingly used on Chalk A-Boards to grab attention and entice customers. 

Premier Chalk A-BoardSignwaves supplies two chalk A-board options. The Premier Chalk A-Board, with either a ‘dark oak’ finish real wood or powder coated steel frame, and the Chalkstar A-Board, for a store or chain seeking a lower cost chalk a-board solution and not concerned with the Premier A-board’s additional features.  The Premier specification offers a 4-in-1 messaging solution thanks to reversible slide-in panels and an altogether heavier, more robust construction.

Internal POS is essential across the coffee industry, and Snapframes and Menu Displays are top of the list. Signwaves offers five standard Snapframe styles in endless size and colour options. Sometimes called grip-frames or clip-frames aluminium Snapframes epitomise simplicity and functionality. Easy to open click-open sides, concealed fixings and amazing value for money make the snapframe a winner when it comes to wall-mounted poster display.

Where additional security is required  Security or Lockable Snapframes are available. Both offer tamper-proof poster promotion, requiring a simple tool to either help open or unlock the frame to gain access to change the poster.  The Minimus snapframe has been designed down to the lowest possible price, cost savings derived mainly from the loss of a back panel, but not the loss of a dependable, secure and elegant poster framing solution for A4, A3, A2 and A1 posters.

The opposite to Minimus is Frameworkz. Whilst both are exclusive to Signwaves, Frameworkz is the only snapframe with a printable frame, evolving the poster frame from a plain poster surround to a design statement Frameworkz
in its own right – either complimenting or contrasting with the poster as desired. 

Menu displays are an obvious choice across the coffee sector. Not just functional, the interactive nature of the free-standing counter or table menu display is a highly effective upselling and enticement tool, so effective and attractive presentation is important. Signwaves supplies a range of durable clear menu holder displays, all designed for double sided paper inserts in a choice of base designs – including our popular Grip-Action Base for HPL chalkboard, clear menu pocket or other rigid menu material.