Premier Chalk A BoardChalkboards have been a focal point of sale marketing tool for many years, especially within the leisure and catering sector. They are great way of promoting short term offers, and promotions and adding a sense of personality (many use chalkboards to share jokes and puns).

Signwaves Chalkboard range is designed to suit both internal and external requirements, with most of the range suitable for personalised branding.

The High Pressure Laminate (known as HPL) chalkboards can be customised to almost any size and shape, and are available either plain or printed. These units are perfect for outlets that have minimal floor space as they are wall mounted, which enables businesses to utilise external walls also. The HPL Chalkboards are not only ideal but are popular with food and alcoholic brands.

HPL is a superior alternative to the traditional chalkboard surface- it’s jet black all the way through so never shows any damage, stays blacker for longer and never needs repainting. It has an anti-glare surface, is suitable for use with traditional chalk or chalk pens and is easy to clean with water and a household cleaner.

Further options for external displays are Pavement Signs and A-Boards, which are suited to any business that has the requirement for ever changing messaging and the capacity to accommodate these. Many of the range, including Ecoflex 2 and the Premier Chalk A-Board can be custom branded while still allowing for space for the chalk communications.

For tactical messaging that grabs customer’s attention, the Counter/Table Top Chalkboards are brilliant. Counter Top HPL ChalkboardsClassically they are used to promote offers of the day or to entice people to try something different within the bar, restaurant and retail environments.

Gripchalkers are an alternative to the counter top boards, with their ‘grip action’ bases for quick panel assembly and release opposed to the more conventional wooden bases. With a more contemporary look and an easy to keep clean base system, Gripchalkers can also be used to hold other rigid sheet materials from 1mm to 4mm thickness, such as acrylic, PVC, PET or foam PVC.

Once again both the Counter Top Chalkboards and GripChalkers can easily be customised through direct to surface printing or custom shaped panels.

Due to custom units being subject to minimum order quantities, these products are a good choice for large outlet roll out.

Slatted Chain and Slatted Magnetic Chalkboards are a great option for those businesses short on internal floor space. These can also be customised to include unique branding through vinyl application. Magnetic strips on the Slatted Magnetic Chalkboard and easily removable slats on the Slatted Chain Chalkboard, mean that temporary promotions or menu items can easily be changed without interfering with the rest of the display. Each version also has a plain reverse side allowing for double sided promotions.

If you are looking for a simple, cost effective yet stylish internal wall chalkboard, the Mahogany Framed Chalkboard is a prime contender. Available in two sizes, it can be used to display bespoke messaging as well as being suitable for self-adhesive vinyl branding.

A question often asked regarding chalkboards is whether chalk and rain are a good match? Signwaves think so; Chalk Pens are rainproof from just one hour after application. All HPL Insert Panels for exterior pavement signs are resistant to dirt and chemicals, as well as having high temperature tolerance. If your business is exposed to temperamental weather conditions and air pollution, you can be confident that Signwaves chalkboard products are a great long term display solution. 

A top tip for cleaning and removing your messages from your chalkboard is to use Mr. Muscle Window and Glass Cleaner!