Rectangle Flying Banner

Rectangle Flying Banner with Black Elastic Hem

Rectangle Flying Banner

Rectangle shaped banner which flutters and rotates in the wind.

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  • Type:
  • Size:
  • Pole Sleeve:
  • Material:
  • Base Option
  • Feather and Teardrop also available. 
  • Available in 3 sizes – small, medium and large.
  • High strength sectional carbon fibre pole.
  • Horizontal top pole ensures branding is always on show, with or without wind.
  • Market leading detail, quality and performance.
  • Printed flags in standard or air mesh polyester textile to order.
  • Choice of mounting accessories available.
  • Printed non-elasticated wrap around pole sleeves give maximum possible printed display.
  • We recommend an elasticated black pole sleeve for increased durability.

Pole and Bag Only:

Size   O/A Height (mm) Pole & Bag Weight (kg) Order Code
Small    2115 1    FBRSM
Medium    2897 1.5    FBRMD
Large    4020  2    FBRLG

Printed Flags - Wrap Around Printed Sleeve:

Size Overall
Height (mm) 
Flag Size (mm)   Order Code
Wrap Around Printed Sleeve
Small    2115 780 x 1770 FBRSMBAN(SW)
 Medium    2897 780 x 2530  FBRMDBAN(SW)
Large    4020 780 x 3580 FBRLGBAN(SW)

Printed Flags - Elasticated Black Pole Sleeve

Size Overall
Height (mm) 
Flag Size (mm)   Order Code
Elasticated Black Pole Sleeve
Small    2115 782 x 1752 FBRSMBANBEH(SW)
 Medium    2897 782 x 2552  FBRMDBANBEH(SW)
Large    4020 782 x 3602  FBRLGBANBEH(SW) 
 Download Rectangle Flying Banner Specification Sheet