Chalk Pens

Chalk Pens are available in an assortment of colours or white only.

Chalk Pens

Rainbow liquid wet wipe ‘chalk’ markers are rainproof after one hour, yet remain erasable with a damp cloth. This makes them perfect for indoor and outdoor chalkboard messaging, and particularly effective on our Chalkboard Range and Chalk Insert Panels.

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  • Size:
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  • Rainproof after just 1 hour yet erasable with a damp cloth.
  • Superior colour vibrancy and outdoor durability shown from our independent outdoor tests.
  • Any staining following prolonged use can be removed using conventional household cleaning fluid.
  • Top tip! Mr Muscle ‘Window’ is an excellent chalk pen cleaner.
  • For use on blackboards, whiteboards and glass.
Nib Size (mm) Pack Quantity Colour(s) Order Code
5 (small) 5 Assorted* CHALKPENSET1
15 (large) 3 White CHALKPENSET2
15 (large) 5 Assorted* CHALKPENSET3

*Contains red, green, white, yellow and blue.