3D Printed Poster - Pepsi

3D Printed Poster - Pepsi

3D Lenticular Print

Add 3-dimensional depth to your point of sale equipment with lenticular printing. Suitable for a wide variety of products including Table Talkers, Cheque/Counter Mats and Posters.

Fun and attention grabbing, lenticular print creates 3 dimensional images that demand a closer look. Printed at 100 lines per inch on 0.6mm PET, 3D print is a surprisingly low cost way to create a high quality promotion.  Also, unlike other card alternatives, your unique 3D designs are protected, easy to wipe clean, and long lasting.

Below are details of a few of the possibilities.

3D Cheque/Counter Mats

  • Available in any size up to 245 x 345mm.
  • The option of square-cut or custom shapes are available.
  • 2mm non-slip foam underside with optional adhesive for more permanent placement.

3D Table Talkers

  • Available in any size and shape up to a 200 x 200mm face size.
  • Provides double the display area and visibility of a conventional strut card, and more durable.
  • Ideal for cafes, bars, clubs and restaurants.

3D Posters

  • Ideal for lightboxes, poster frames, wall and window displays.
  • Available in any size up to 585 x 792mm.

Plus shelf wobblers, open/closed signs, labels and magnet mounts – to name a few.