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Beartrap Tyre Stands for Kumho Tyres

October 2011
Kumho Tyres is one of the world’s top tyre manufacturers, with a large network of approved dealers throughout the UK, known as ‘Ecsta Performance Centres’ (EPCs).

To welcome them on board, all new EPCs receive a bundle of brand-building, sales driving promotional products including a PVC Banner, Tyre Trolley and Beartrap Tyre Stand (pictured).

The ‘Beartrap’ is a simple yet highly effective product presentation device, which shows the Kumho tyre in an attractive and insightful way and gives customers the opportunity to touch and feel the product and look beyond the ‘writing on the wall’.

The Beartrap consists of two parts which just slot together and are held in place with a simple nut and bolt each side, making it easy to adjust for different tyre sizes.

The Beartrap is a strong part of our promotional tool kit because it provides strong brand presence for Kumho at the point-of-sale plus insight and education for customers, who can see the tyre in a way they might otherwise not.

We continue to invest in these kits because they’re proven to work – collectively, they build brand awareness and drive sales consistently across the network through high quality printed displays.

The service we receive from Orla and the team at Signwaves is first class. I know that whatever we ask for, Signwaves will deliver it on time and on budget, time after time, as they have done consistently over many years.

Marketing Director, Kumho Tyres